What are the common causes and treatments for LED flashing?

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In our daily life, the failure of LED lights is inevitable. Have you also experienced the trouble of flashing lights? So what caused the flickering of the LED lights? If we live or have been living under flickering lights, then we may understand that they are not just a problem of inconvenience to use, but also a potential safety hazard. If you are tired of flashing lights in your home, please continue reading this article. In this article, we will dive into some of the most common causes of LED flickering and how to deal with them.

Light bulb flickers


Generally speaking, the flickering lights are the result of temporary dimming of the lights due to the reduction or fluctuation of the total household voltage. Sometimes there may be some problems. Here you can find some of the most common causes of light flickering.


(1) Inrush Current

Some appliances in your home require more power when they are turned on for the first time, consuming a lot of power. A current of 100 (or more) amperes may be drawn from your wiring. The inrush current of the motor in the appliance will cause the voltage to drop. If the lights are on the same circuit, you may see these lights dim. Sudden, significant power surges can cause your lights to flicker and temporarily dim. Keep in mind that the energy efficiency of LED lamps is already 75% higher than that of old halogen lamps. Since they use much less energy, further reducing the current flowing to them can turn them on and off. This is why electrical appliances that require high power should have their own circuit routes. In this way, they will not interrupt the current flowing to other devices (such as LED bulbs).


(2) Incompatible Dimmers

When you buy a dimmer, some dimmer switches may not be compatible with LED lighting, or you may have installed a non-dimmable light in the dimmable light, so LED compatibility is a very important consideration. This is because when connected to a traditional dimmer, the power rating of the dimmer is also different, depending on the type of light source, whether it is an LED, an incandescent lamp or another type of lamp. Many LEDs will malfunction or not work at all. Even if they do light up, you can still see the dimmable bulbs flicker, which may damage the LED drive circuit and the light source. On the other hand, LED bulbs don't have this permanence. They stop emitting light almost immediately after they stop receiving current. Therefore, dimmers designed for old bulbs may cause LED lights to flicker when dimming. We can upgrade the LED optimization dimmer, for example, we can use a rotary LED dimmer or an LED dimmer with a switch.


(3)Loose Connections or loose bulb

Another thing that usually causes LED bulbs to blink fast is a loose connection or circuit, which loosens over time. In this case, the socket has insufficient contact with the bulb itself. Therefore, the problem can be solved by simply tightening the LED bulb, and even the slightest bulb movement can cause intermittent flickering. If you find that there is a lot of dust on the lamp, you should wipe it gently or blow it off, and then put the bulb back in place. Be careful when handling bulbs, because too much force can still cause them to break. Even if LED bulbs do not generate a lot of infrared radiation, wear gloves to ensure safety.

There may also be loose wiring at the fixture connection point cause. The electrician needs to disconnect the power to the fixture and re-tighten the wiring to ensure it is firm and reliable. If the lights of multiple lamps are dimmed at the same time, you need to check whether the junction box and the panel are connected properly to ensure the normal operation of the lamps.

 Light switch

(4)Faulty Connections

Is the light or the on/off switch of the light fixture badly connected? If so, this may cause the lights to flicker. You can swing the on/off switch to see if the problem is with the connection. If the light starts to dim when you swing, the problem is most likely a bad switch. Please keep in mind that although it may be easy to replace the switch located in the light cord, the switch integrated into the socket is very challenging, so it is best to ask a professional electrician to repair it at home.


(5) Installing Non-Dimmable LED Bulbs in LED Dimmers

Even if you install dimmable LED lights in ordinary sockets without dimming function, they can still work normally. However, this goes against the principle of investing in dimmable lighting products. On the other hand, the non-dimmable LED bulbs in the dimmer may flicker or even buzz. They may still be dimmed as they are actually dimmable, but only if you set the dimmer to 100%.

In addition, the use of non-dimmable LED lights in the dimmer will affect its service life. The more frequently they flicker, the shorter their lifespan will be, and they will eventually become unusable.

Light bulb


(1)Independent circuit route. More independent LED light circuits are installed at home, and high-power electrical appliances should have their own circuit routes.

(2)The driving power is too large, and the lamp beads cannot withstand the high power, so it will flicker. You can remove the LED light, open the case, and then replace the LED driver power supply. If the driving power supply is damaged, please replace it by a professional to avoid more serious damage to the bulb due to improper operation.

(3)The flickering caused by the light bulb is loose. We should first turn off the power, and then gently rotate the light bulb into the lamp, it can be used.

(4)Faulty Connections. Wrong connection of the fire and neutral wires may also cause the LED lights to flicker frequently. We can remove the switch first. The switch and the wire are firmly connected together. Loosen the screws at the wiring, and then reconnect the live and neutral wires. We can distinguish fire and neutral wires by the color of the wire insulation layer. If the color cannot be distinguished, we can use general-purpose meters to detect and distinguish the fire and neutral wires.

(5)Buy dimmable LED lights. If you are buying incandescent lamps, you may not think of dimmable and non-dimmable LED lights. Obtaining the right type of product is your first step towards successful LED dimming. So before buying, please be sure to understand the LED product you want to buy, and discuss the dimmability of the lamp with the merchant who sells LED lighting.

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