Suntech UVC LED Strip CE, RoHS, FCC Certificates

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Recently, Suntech disinfection LED products have successfully obtained CE, RoHS, FCC certification international quality certification.

Suntech UV germicidal lamps have been tested by the EU CE and RoHS certification bodies, passed various index determinations, and obtained the CE and RoHS certification certificates issued by the EU certification bodies, confirming that the products are more conducive to human health and environmental protection, thus gaining access to the European Union Sales pass for the market.

    We have UVC LED series products as below:

4leds/m DC5v rigid UVC LED bar

33leds/m DC5v-12v 5mm width UVC flexible strip

18leds/m DC12v flexible strip deep uv

18leds/m DC24v flexible strip deep uv

30leds/m DC12v flexible strip deep uv

30leds/m DC24v flexible strip deep uv

60leds/m DC12v flexible strip deep uv

60leds/m DC24v flexible strip deep uv

15leds/pcs DC24v UVC disinfection LED module high power irraditaion 20mw/chip

40leds/pcs DC24v UVC disinfection LED module high power irradiation 20mw/chip

    Welcome to customized your UVC disinfection module and flexible UVC strip products.



In addition, Suntech strilization LED products have also obtained the FCC report and the FCC official electronic equipment quality and safety approval. This mark is based on the manufacturer's self-declaration that the product complies with the relevant US electronic product directives. According to the inspection, Suntch LED sterilization products have met and passed all the requirements of FCC certification, ensuring that the products meet the material and process standards of radio and wired communication products.



According to relevant requirements, for some high-risk electronic and electrical equipment, an evaluation certificate from an authoritative organization must be used as a manufacturer to make a self-compliance declaration.

The significance of Suntech's CE, RoHS, and FCC certification is that it has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedure and complies with the relevant European and American directives, and used this as a pass for such products to be allowed to enter the European and American markets. At the same time, it marks that Suntech's ultraviolet germicidal lamp products have reached the mandatory requirements of the European Union and the United States, and have achieved full compliance with European, American and international standards.


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