Differences Between High Voltage LED Strip Light and Low Voltage LED Strip Light

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Table of contents:

What is high voltage and low-voltage led strip light?

Difference between high voltage and low-voltage led strip lights

  (1) LED Strip Light IP grade

  (2) Light Strip Minimum Cutting Unit

  (3) Flexible LED Strip Maximum Cascade Length

  (4) The Installation Differences Between Them

  (5) The Difference in Safety and Application

  (6) The Difference in the Service Life

Should you choose high-voltage or low-voltage led strips?

What is high voltage and low-voltage led strip light?

LED is a great creation,They are usually used to decorate, and illuminate houses or buildings. Because of its longevity, energy-saving, and convenience, it is entering the homes of millions of people. It includes high-voltage (AC110/220V) and low-voltege (DC12V/24V) light strips. This article will let you know the difference between the two and how to choose.

High voltage led strip lights are light strips driven by high voltage. It can direct connection to AC without power supply since powered by an alternating current, so it is also called AC LED light strip( like AC110V/220V led strip lights). 

Low-voltage led strip lights usually powered by low-voltage DC12V/24V, are also called 12V/24V LED strip lights, since they are powered by direct current and a power supply is needed to deliver it, so they are also called DC LED strip lights.

LED strip lighting indoor & outdoor

Difference between high voltage and low-voltage LED strip lights

  • LED Strip Light IP grade

The high-voltage LED strip is mainly made of PCB board and PVC plastic by the injection molding process. High-quality LED strips with good quality, no impurities, high transparency. The waterproof rating for high-voltage led strips is IP67(cannot be used in water).

The 12V/24V LED strip has some differences from the appearance of the high-voltage LED strip. It can be made into waterproof or non-waterproof. Low-voltage 12V/24V led strip light can be made with non-waterproof (IP20), PU Waterproof(IP54), SI waterproof /Nano (IP65), casing filling (IP67) and full drainage (IP68).

High Voltage and Low Voltage led strip

  • LED Strip Cutting Unit

The cut length of the 110V~240V led strip is 10cm, There is a scissors mark at every certain distance on the led strip light, which means that this place can be cut, and you can only cut it from the place where have scissors mark and can't cut it from the middle, otherwise the whole LED strip lights will not work. 

When cutting the 12V/24V led strip light, you should also check the cut-out mark on the PCB. Usually, the smallest cutting unit of the low-voltage led strip is: The 12V led strip lights with 60leds/m are usually 3 LEDs (length 5cm) can be cut. The 24V led strip lights are cut for every 6 LEDs (length 10cm).

Cut length

  • The maximum continuous length of a single LED strip

The high-voltage LED strip is usually lit up by 50 meters or 100 meters, and no power supply is needed.

The 12V/24V LED strip light is usually is 5-10 meters in length, and the longest one can not more than 10 meters. Since the voltage of the DC led strip is very low, if the led strip length is connected too long, the voltage drop will result in inconsistent brightness between the head and the tail of the strip light.

Length of the led strip

The high voltage LED rope light is very easy to install and is usually easy to fix. It can be driven directly by city electricity. However, due to the problem of inadequate processing of AC voltage, the problem of flash occurs and the flash is invisible to the human eye. Therefore, you need a flicker-free power supply.

For a 12V/24V LED flexible strip, it is to need to connect a DC power supply before connecting the AC electricity. If there is no power, the light strip will not be driven.

Connection way


  • The Difference in Safety and Application

As we said above, the high voltage LED strip works with AC 110V~220V, which is a dangerous voltage and has potential safety hazards if install somewhere that people can touch it, Therefore, its mainly used outdoors, and the modeling shape is generally simple, mainly for decorative lighting, and functional lighting is rare. So, it is recommended to use it in someplace where people can't touch it, like the ceiling.

The low voltage 12V/24V LED strip light uses a 12V or 24V DC power supply that is lower than the human body's safe voltage, so there is no electric shock and it can be used in various situations such as bedroom atmosphere lighting. Bedside reading lights, bathroom lighting, showcases, shelf containers, glass counter lighting, etc. are very easy to use.


  • The Difference in the Service Life

Generally, the service life of the high voltage is about 10,000 hours. It has a much higher generated heat than the low-voltage LED strip, which directly affects the life of the high-voltage LED strip.

The service life of the 12V/24V LED strips will be 50,000-100,000 hours, This is also one of the major reasons why low-voltage light strips are popular.

Should you choose high-voltage or low-voltage LED strips?

From the above comparison, it can be seen that the high and low-voltage LED strip lights have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose a suitable one according to the actual use requirements and safety performance. At present, there are many 12V/24V led strip lights used in large projects, home improvement, counters, light boxes, etc., because of its excellent safety performance and durability, it is more popular. Also, there are many high-voltage led strips in places where there is no direct contact with the human body, such as outdoor, tree decoration, etc.

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