What is the architectural lighting? What do you need to know about urban architectural lighting?

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In the city, lighting is everywhere in life. A small number of people think that urban lighting is a way of decorating the city, not a necessity for people's lives. This statement is not comprehensive. If a city has planned for urban lighting, on the basis of beautifying the urban environment, it also greatly enhances the image of the city, and it also plays a key role for deeper social and economic significance.

architectural lighting

What is the architectural lighting ? 

Lighting is indispensable for modern city life. In a modern city, the lighting project carries not only the role of lighting, but also the needs of social and commercial development. The lighting projects of major urban buildings and public spaces, such as urban squares, commercial streets, and tourist landscapes, make urban development more distinctive, and create better conditions for enhancing the image of the city and improving the living environment of citizens. 

Architectural lighting engineering generally refers to outdoor event space or landscape lighting except for stadium lighting design, outdoor safety lighting and construction sites. Commercial street lighting, advertising signs and urban municipal facilities, etc. The main purpose of landscape lighting is to use lights to reshape the landscape of the above-mentioned lighting objects, and organically combine them into a harmonious, beautiful, spectacular, and distinctive night scene., to show the night view of a city or region. 

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What do you need to know about urban architectural lighting?

1. Strengthen the construction management of building lighting projects. 

The normal operation of building lighting engineering facilities and good lighting effects are critical to management. It mainly includes scientific management and legal management. At the same time, the use of modern control technology for scientific management can not only ensure the brightness and the integrity of the equipment, but also ensure that it is economical and practical to achieve the best results. The construction of urban night scene lighting projects must be tailored to local conditions, do within one's ability, and make full use of limited funds.

Urban building lighting engineering has a close relationship with architectural engineering design. In the design and construction process of construction projects, efforts should be made to integrate urban lighting engineering work. Work on municipal engineering, protection of key cultural relics, renovation of old communities, and renovation of building facades can all be carried out at the same time.

The urban lighting project is regarded as an important part of the urban environmental landscape design. Natural and man-made buildings constitute the urban environment landscape. They have the form of giants, but also contain insignificant details. Some emphasize practical functions, and some emphasize decoration and ornamental value. It has shifted from focusing on function in the past to focusing on both practicality and aesthetics. In the future, we must continue, standardize, expand the scope of implementation in a planned way, and improve the level of technology and art.

2. Design night landscape according to city function. 

According to the requirements of the city's overall planning, the night scene is designed to conform to the functional characteristics of the city and the building. Different functional properties of streets and venues, specific environments and buildings, and their lighting should have different atmospheres, different brightness or style requirements.

Night scene lighting should be considered comprehensively according to city planning. As an integral part of urban planning, urban night scene lighting should be closely integrated with urban planning. According to the overall plan, the focus is on the construction of urban lighting projects, which are iconic projects that reflect the characteristics of the city. Not only are the lighting functions reasonable, but also the artistic level is high, and the finishing touch has become a classic representative of the city's image.

The primary goal of the lighting project is to provide overall lighting at night to meet the most basic visual recognition requirements, and the light level of ambient lighting is related to the amount of ambient light. If the space ambient lighting is much lower than the job lighting, the job and the environment The brightness contrast between the two is relatively large. Therefore, the amount of ambient light can also produce a sense of hierarchy. Focused lighting is also a way to highlight the level of lighting projects.It is usually used for projects that require high lighting style. Its main purpose is to illuminate objects and exhibits such as artworks and architectural details. In most cases, the light level is adjustable. In centralized lighting, track lights are the most common form. It is widely used in museums, art galleries, adjustable centralized lighting, as well as wall washers, spotlights and stage lighting equipment. Focused lighting does not affect other lighting levels. It is designed to attract the observer's attention and make it focus on the exhibits rather than the beam itself.

Facade lighting-Suntech

LED products commonly used in outdoor lighting projects:

(1) LED Wall washer

One of the most commonly used lamps for exterior wall lighting is the linear wall washer. These lights are popular because you can use them directly. These lamps are driven to create light and shadow effects on the façade. Some wall sconces glow up, down and sideways.

(2) LED Underground light

Some building structures require bottom lighting that is recessed from the top. For this structure, lights on the ground can provide more efficient lighting from the base.

(3) LED flood light

Another valuable and attractive light that is commercially used in construction is the LED floodlight. You use LED lights in your home and office, but these LEDs can be used as exterior lighting sources.

(4) LED mesh screen

As a rising star in the LED display industry, matrix nets has been used in glass curtain wall, stage display, outdoor advertising, new retail and other fields with its advantages of lightness and thinness, no steel frame structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and excellent performance. 

LED wall washer

LED wall washer

LED underground light-Suntech

LED Underground light

LED flood light-Suntech

LED flood light

LED mesh screen-Suntech

LED mesh screen

The lighting of urban buildings is like a work of art, which requires a variety of lights to match and decorate. The function of lights is to attract people's attention and highlight the building. Designers should match according to the characteristics of buildings, scenic spots and other places that need decoration and the characteristics of different lamps, highlight the key points, hide shortcomings, and strengthen the sense of hierarchy. 

As part of the city lighting project, the building body lighting beautifies the night sky of the city, and also enhances the image of the city, becoming a means of self-promotion, embodying culture, raising awareness, and even becoming a landmark.

If you encounter some problems when purchasing the architectural lighting products, welcome to contact us. We will be glad to help you with any problems.

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