8 Aspects of Good Facade Lighting For 2022

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The use of exterior wall lighting has grown in popularity over the past few years. This is an innovative technique used to illuminate the exterior of the house to attract attention. These lights can be professionally installed and it enhances the aesthetics of the building, enhancing the exterior view using different lighting techniques. You can also use these lights to meet your specific needs. Described below are the numerous benefits associated with façade lights in promoting bridges, structures or buildings.

What is facade lighting?

Facade lighting-Suntech

Facade lighting is a lighting technique and design used to showcase the beauty of the facade of a building, house or structure.

Generally speaking, the outer wall is the front of the building. If we think from an architectural point of view, the façade is the most important element in the exterior design. This is so important because the façade defines the complete structural design.

The most important and attractive part of the façade is the lighting effect, which accentuates the tectonic and core features of the building.

Therefore, architects pay more attention to the first appearance of the building structure. Without a good lighting scheme, the structure of a building can appear bland and boring.

In addition, several factors depend on the facade design: the acoustic performance of the building, light transmission and energy productivity. Exterior design, structure and façades have a significant impact on the appearance of a building. With perfect facade lighting, it looks more beautiful, classic and elegant.

Facade lighting matches daytime appearance with nighttime sights by using perfect lighting technology.

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The advantages of facade lighting

1. Environmentally friendly and low cost

Elevation lights use LED bulbs. This means they consume less energy than fluorescent, halogen or incandescent alternatives. These bulbs are inexpensive to use and are environmentally friendly. Also, they are manufactured using modern technology, they can provide longer life.

2. Projection range

These bulbs have a powerful ability to emit more light than other types of lighting systems, providing an impressive projection range. LED bulbs have greater output. This means that few bulbs are available to illuminate the structure. Additionally, these bulbs have low maintenance and initial costs.

3. High quality

These bulbs provide greater clarity. They have extremely high quality output. Also, these lights are perfect for outdoor environments and are resilient.

4. Low maintenance cost

LED lights have a long lifespan. This means that you will need to spend less time and effort maintaining them than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. The minimal maintenance and low cost of these lamps make them ideal for large-scale applications, for example, they are widely used as structured lighting.

5. They are easy to control

LED bulbs are used for exterior wall lighting because they are easy to control. These lights can be easily connected to a controller and a range of drivers. This greatly simplifies the process of turning these lights off and on. The controller may also allow the user to adjust the color and intensity of the light. Also, their setup is very efficient because it relies on wireless technology. This helps prevent connecting lines from becoming apparent when illuminating the sides and facades of buildings.

6. Durable and safe

LEDs are not as easily damaged as other types of light bulbs. This is important in outdoor environments where children or pets may be present and where lighting is easily accessible. They can also work in extreme high and low temperatures that other light sources cannot.

7. Achieve a unique and desirable look

The flexibility of LEDs allows for more creative designs. Outdoor LED lights can be directional. Have them focus on a specific object instead of illuminating the entire area. This is very useful in landscape lighting as it can create dramatic effects. Such as highlighting special accent areas and dramatic contrasts. More color options also give you more options.

8. Outdoor LED lights do not attract insects

Insects aren't just attracted to lights. They are particularly attracted to UV lamps. Most LED lights do not emit UV light. Therefore, they do not attract insects like incandescent lamps. Make your outdoor living space more pleasant on those warm summer nights.

facade lighting

Common Lamps for Facade Lighting

① LED Wall washer

One of the most commonly used lamps for exterior wall lighting is the linear wall washer. These lights are popular because you can use them directly. These lamps are driven to create light and shadow effects on the façade. Some wall sconces glow up, down and sideways.

If the building is single storey, then downward sconces are sufficient for lighting. However, if the building is multi-storey, a suitable wall sconce should illuminate downwards and upwards for grand façade lighting.

② LED Underground light

Some building structures require bottom lighting that is recessed from the top. For this structure, lights on the ground can provide more efficient lighting from the base.

For better coverage, the beam angle should be placed accordingly. There are a variety of underground lights to choose from, with a wide range of wattages. Thus, a large area is covered by a single inground light with a high-power beam.

③ LED flood light

Another valuable and attractive light that is commercially used in construction is the LED floodlight. You use LED lights in your home and office, but these LEDs can be used as exterior lighting sources.

Here, LED lights are chosen because they are environmentally friendly and last longer. Plus, these LED lights are switchable and won't harm buzzing insects.

④ LED pixel dot light

The working principle of the LED pixel dot light is to mix colors through thousands of pixels, and use the visual characteristics of the human eye to display various graphics and colors from points and surfaces. The design can make all kinds of curtain lights, walls, and advertising wall lights present very diverse patterns to achieve better decorative effects.

The emergence of point light source products has supplemented many functions that traditional lamps do not have, and has therefore received widespread attention.

LED wall washer-Suntech

LED wall washer

LED underground light-Suntech

LED underground light

LED flood light-Suntech

LED flood light

LED mesh screen-Suntech

LED mesh screen

Overall, facade lighting has become the perfect solution for many companies to highlight their business logos, names and other logos in low light conditions. In addition, this lighting system provides the perfect solution for people to light a variety of structures and add aesthetics during special events. The high quality of these bulbs greatly increases their reliability and flexibility.

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