Analysis of LED and Neon Lights in landscape lighting

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With the continuous modernization of the city, the landscape of the city has attracted more and more attention. As an economically prosperous population cluster, the combination of artificial landscape and natural landscape gives a city a continuous increase in aesthetics. Then LED and neon light sources are a relatively conventional setting in artificial landscapes. Because LEDs and neon lights have extremely strong service life and environmental protection characteristics, they have been widely used in landscape lighting.

1. The role of light in the landscape

In modern urban landscapes, natural landscapes and artificial landscapes complement each other to add color to a city. The role of the light source in the landscape is increasingly extended to various industries. The combination of the intensity and color of the light in different situations can be hidden and revealed, all enhancing the artistic atmosphere of the landscape. Scientific scenery and light need to analyze and understand landscape lighting needs appreciation and taste, while art needs deep thinking and perception. Landscape lighting art must transmit light and lighting to produce vitality of life.

Landscape lighting can change the appearance of the environment and give the environment different degrees of embellishment. Many landscape lighting in the city can be seen everywhere in parks, squares and other places. Next to some sculptures, the coordination of light and shadow makes it more artistic. At the same time, it also provides a certain degree of convenience for everyone's lighting. In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased. In landscape lighting, although people want to achieve a certain artistic effect, they also consider lamps, light sources, materials, styles, and design methods. In choosing a suitable light source, in addition to economic factors, the overall light environment effect and the texture reliability of the material should also be considered, and attention should be paid to the unity of the natural environment and lighting. Landscape lighting makes good use of LED light sources and neon light sources, improves traditional design ideas, and maximizes the value of lighting.


2 . Application of LED and neon light source in landscape lighting

LED is also called light-emitting diode. It uses solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials. When a forward voltage is applied to both ends, the carriers in the semiconductor recombine, releasing excess energy and causing photon emission to produce visible light. Under normal circumstances, the electrical energy of the LED is directly converted into light energy in the process of emitting light. LED is a new energy source, its power consumption is half that of ordinary incandescent lamps, and it has a long service life and high brightness of the light source. At present, it has become an indispensable lighting job in industry and life. Compared with incandescent lamps, the heat generated by incandescent lamps during operation will increase the temperature of the surrounding environment. And under normal circumstances, waste lamp tubes contain mercury that is harmful to human bodies, which poses a threat to people’s health. LEDs do not have such problems. Therefore, from all aspects, it is a general trend for LEDs to replace ordinary incandescent lamps. In practical lighting This is true in landscape lighting.


As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving cold light source, many countries have strengthened the research on LED lights in recent years. The research work is to further reduce their costs, so that they can be better used in production and life, so as to maximize it’s value.

LED lighting has become more and more widely welcomed by lighting designers because of its light source has more practicability. They have also changed their design concepts. They are no longer a traditional way of lighting design, but in many times cleverly borrow the characteristics of LED light sources to make corresponding innovations in design.

The landscape lighting needs to rise to a certain level of aesthetics. You can't just accumulate lighting lights together, it has a certain sense of design. Such a sense of design is the viewability of lights, and neon lights are an important part of landscape lighting. In the night lighting work, the beauty of the lighting is improved, and the good combination of LEDs makes the night lighting of the landscape achieve good results. This is used in many landscapes, so this requires the research and innovation of LEDs.

Increase the refraction structure level on the surface of the LED light source-the optical medium, the light source passes through the special physical treatment of the medium, so that after use, it produces richer and changeable light effects and delicate color light and shadow levels, and can avoid direct illumination of the LED light source The high-brightness light produced has a visual impact, as well as light pollution that is prone to glare and other problems. 

So in general, the creative use of LEDs and neon lights in landscape lighting has greatly improved the use efficiency of light sources, reduced resource waste and environmental pollution problems, and at the same time, the artistic design concept makes the artistic quality of the lighting greatly Improve, beautify our living environment, make our life full of art, and the viewability of the landscape has been correspondingly improved to a large extent.


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