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Skyscraper LED Facade Buildings & Landmarks Illumination

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Project information
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Item category: Architectural Lighting

Type of lamp:
Double Protection LED Pixel Dot Light + LED Mesh Light + LED Linear Light + LED Wall Washer

Details: This is a skyscraper by the sea, the lighting project is a building complex. The most important is the entire lighting effect including the around the building and the skyscraper. The very high skyscraper uses pixel dot light to organize a huge mesh screen. Between the connection of the screen, there applied the wall wash light with monochrome blue light to light the middle space. The huge screen displays various dynamic effects, creating a dreamlike vision. And the around buildings cooperate with the lighting effects of skyscrapers, showing the effect of linear running, which makes them around buildings and the skyscraper into a whole complex of buildings.

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