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Programmable RGBW LED Module

Programmable injection LED module with IC inside which could be controlled by magic LED controller.


Product introduction:

Programmable injection LED module with IC inside which could be controlled by magic LED controller.  


Product parameters:


IC Qty per module


 per module

Power Consumption


Module Size






Addressable RGB






Smart square pixel LED module Product details

1. Injection square RGBW LED module , inside IC is UCS1903, there is DMX512 and WS2811 for option.  

2. Injection LED module is ABS, anti fire function.  

3. We produce RGB programmable LED module also.

4. Various colors are available through LED controller.

5. Long lifespan , 50, 000 hours working life.

6. Can be controlled by computer, SD card controller, console.

 RGBW addressable LED module

RGBW addressable LED module diagram:

 RGBW LED module Application:

smart led module rgb for sign lighting


Installation Instruction for WS2811/ UCS1903 led pixel module

1. Main power cable dimension: should exceed 2x1.5mm². To prevent damage from overheating caused by overload,  the extended module cable (if necessary) should adopt dimension above 0.75mm²/18#.,Cable length between power and module should not be exceed 2m, if not it’ll suffer from power loss the total power consumption will also increased. 

2. Adopt method 1, the maximum is 20 PCS. (Don’t over-connecting). 

3. Adopt method 2, the maximum is 25 PCS. (Don’t over-connecting).
4. Take off the adhesive tape from the back of modules, stick them in the light box or advertisement board for initial settlement, then fix the module by 2 piece of ST2.9x10 mm self tapping screws, or you can also fix the module by glass glue. 
5. The standard number is 20 pcs for each string; they also can be cut off on customer’s requirement. 
6. During the connection,using diagonal pliers to cut off power cable between modules, peel off the plastic around 10mm, wiring the cables and then connect them to their respective isolation port(the white-red cable heads to positive,the white cable for negtive).Do remember check the conductivity and reliablity of the cable after the connection, genernally, they can’t be pulled out of the port by middling force.
7. If there are extra cable for the string-end module, peel off the cable coat by 10mm (around)then connect then into isolation port. 
8. To make sure that the waterproof and anti-corrosive reliability, grease some silicon glue (neutral glass glue or waterproof glue.)  into the connection port for further protection. 
9. Don’t touch the product when they are electrified. 
10. Use reliable power driver that with certifications. (With short circuit protection, overload protection and over-current protection.)

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