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COB LED Strip Light

Compared with traditional led SMD and high-power packaging, chip on board (COB) integrated packaging technology directly encapsulates multiple LED chips on metal based printed circuit board. Using COB LED technology can greatly reduce the footprint and energy consumption of the LED array while keeping light output constant.



COB Strip Light Parameters:











LED Qty per meter





Power Consumption










PCB Size

Double Copper PCB  5000*8mm

Double Copper PCB  5000*8mm

Double Copper PCB  5000*10mm

Double Copper PCB  5000*10mm

For more product information, please download the specificationsCOB-LED-strip-Suntech.pdf

We also provide other models of COB LED STRIP LIGHT and even custom products, kindly let us know if you have any other requirements

Features of SMD COB LED light:

1.New version LED strip.

2. Provide uniform lighting without any dot or dark on surface of the PCB.

3. Flexible can be bent .

4. DC12v and DC24v are both available,

5. Can be cut as regular strip light.

6. 180 degree beam angle a lot wider than normal 120 degree strip light.

7. 300leds , 378leds and 512leds per meter are all available.

8. CRI80 and CRI90 COB strip light are both for options.

Advantages of COB LED light:

1. The light-emitting surface is a linear colloid, which is much more uniform and linear than the light emitted by ordinary light bead type light strip, without spot;

2. The chip is directly fixed on PCB, heat can be transferred to PCB quickly. Therefore, the chip heat dissipation speed of cob lamp strip is faster than that of bead lamp, and the light attenuation of cob lamp strip is smaller and the service life is longer;

3. The design and installation are simple, because only one circuit and two contacts are needed.

* Know more about COB LED light: COB Light Buying Guide

COB strip light DC12v DC24v Test Video 

Photos and description of COB LED tape:

Suntech COB strip tape

Beam angle



Good quality because we use good chips


Using LED brand chip, using packaging process, 

high brightness, no dark area, long life, high 

color rendering

Good quality because we use good back tape


Using 3M double sided adhesive, good viscosity, 

temperature resistance, easy to use, light and elegant.

Good quality because we have good light efficiency


The luminous angle is 180 °, use high bright lamp bead, 

no dead angle, high transparency

Color render index of our product:RA>90

                            low CRI                                                              high CRI

378chips per meter DC12V Size 


378chips per meter DC24V Size 


How to install the COB led strip lights?

(1) Clean the surface where you want to install the COB led strip light.

(2) Cut the size of the COB led strip light you want to install.

(3) Tear the 3M backside of the COB led strip light.

(4) Paste the COB strip light where you want to install.

(5) Connect the power supply with COB led strip light.

(6) If you need to connect the COB led strip light, you can solder or use the connector.



1. The max running length is 6 meters, for over 6 meters please connect in parallel.

2. Make sure of the total watts of COB Strip lights is less than 80% of the power supply's max output. 

3. Match the polarities according to the mark ('+' and '-') in the PCB while connecting.

OSRAM COB Strip Light Applications

Home Furnishing decoration

  Home Furnishing decoration

RV lighting decoration

RV lighting decoration

Shopping malls and shops

Shopping malls and shops


1、Please make LED drivers compatible with flexible LED strips light before use LED strips; 

2、To use LED strips 5M in serial, longer than 5M in parallel; 

3、Before use, first check the power supply used in compliance with of the power requirements; 

4、Each roll ask for independent power supply; not to use of multi-volume series use;


If you need to tear up and re paste the LED light strip, make sure 3M tape is attached to the light strip, otherwise the LED light strip will be damaged


Q1. What are COB lights?

A: A COB light is a type of LED light, with COB standing for Chip-On-Board. COB lights are essentially an array of LED chips that are tightly packed together and bonded to a substrate such as silicon carbide. ... They are also the kind of LEDs you might find in a control panel to indicate when a switch is on or off.

Q2. Why are COB lights better?

A: The light emitting surface is a linear colloid,led chip arrangement is much more compact than regular light strip. Therefore, the light emitted by COB light strip will be much more uniform, linear and without spot

Q3. What is the difference between COB and SMD?

A:Kindly see the picture below.

   For more information: click here: What is the difference between SMD and COB LED lights?


Q4. Which is brighter COB or LED?

A: COB will be brighter than regular LED strips, for the COB technology has higher density of chips. In the same area size, the number of chips of COB LED is many times that of DIP LED and SMD LED technology, which will lead to higher intensity and greater light uniformity.

Q5. Can I have a sample order first?

A: Yes, samples for evaluation are accepted.

Q6. What about the lead time?

A: For samples: 3~7days, for normal order: about 2 weeks.

Q7. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping are also for option; 

Q8. Can you provide custom products according to my needs?

Yes, we can provide custom products, kindly confirm with us about details and specifications.

Q9.  Can you print my logo on the light strip?

A: Yes. It is for free, but kindly confirm with us in advance.

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