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What is facade lighting?

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The facade is often referred to as the main front of the building or the outside facing the front. As far as architecture is concerned, they are one of the most important facade design elements because they largely determine the overall feel of the structure.


The facade has an impact on achieving excellent aesthetics, and this is where the exterior wall lighting comes into play. The exterior wall illuminated with light can turn a boring building into a real eye-catcher because it highlights the building and emphasizes key architectural features while enhancing the most important architectural intent. In addition, facade LED lighting can be used to transform the facade of a building into an attractive and confusing interactive media display.


The building facade and building envelope of LED lighting not only increase the versatility of the building itself, but also change the way we view and use the building. The building facade is a powerful and fixed statement that can be used to convey messages, convey emotions and attract attention. Contemporary lighting solutions for building facades also need to add value to maximize the potential of the building while providing a good corporate image.


Different types of facade lighting design

The modern building plan uses various facade designs to embellish lighting to add atmosphere to it. According to leading industrial lighting manufacturers, when lighting is performed at night under natural or artificial lighting, the appearance design may be different in shape or design. Since the direction of the light is constantly changing, the appearance changes throughout the day.


Lighting recommendations include:

• Solid facade: A solid facade refers to a smooth wall without texture. These facades are mainly affected by natural light conditions (sunlight). However, a definite light structure and pattern can be provided for a large and uniform surface.

• Vertically divided facades: Developers can use narrow beams to enhance vertical divisions. They can also consider using spotlights and floodlights in combination to enhance the beauty of the exterior wall.

• Horizontally divided facades: Horizontally divided facades can cast long and heavy shadows on the facade of the building. However, this can be reduced by increasing the offset between the lighting equipment and the facade.

• Perforated facade: an innovative facade that allows the creative use of multiple lighting techniques. For example, you can use Suntech LED's linear wall washer LED to illuminate these charismatic covers.

Using professional outdoor lighting solutions to illuminate the facade can create dramatic effects that can enhance the nighttime beauty of commercial buildings. It complements the overall charm and adds a charming finishing touch to the building. 

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