How to choose LED Flexible Light Strip?

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LED flexible light strip, the product is shaped like a rope. When buying LED strips, don't just focus on the price. Below we teach you a comprehensive evaluation from the following 8 aspects before you can buy the most cost-effective flexible LED strip.

   8 ways to choose high quantity LED strip:

   1. LED flexible strip chips: chips include domestic and Taiwan chips, as well as imported chips (including American chips, Japanese chips, German chips, etc.). The price difference between chip and chip is huge. Currently, the most expensive chips are from the United States, followed by chips from Japan and Germany, and the most affordable chips are from Taiwan. At present, the LED flexible strips produced by LEDs on the market are Taiwan Epistar chips, the price is relatively moderate, and the performance is good. Of course, what chip is this? What effect did it achieve? Understand before shopping.


   2. LED package: resin package and silicone package. The price of the resin package is relatively cheap, because the heat dissipation is slightly worse, and everything else is the same. Silicone encapsulation has good heat dissipation performance, so the price is slightly more expensive than resin encapsulation.

3. LED color consistency: At present, there are many domestic packaging factories, thousands of them. Of course, there are also strong and weak points. Because many small packaging factories do not have color separation machines, they either do not separate the colors or send them out, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The LED has no color separation and poor color consistency. The lighting effect is not so good after being installed on the LED flexible light bar. Of course, the price difference is relatively large.

4. LED color: different colors and different prices. White and green are more difficult to match and separate, so the price is higher than that of other colors; red, yellow, blue and other colors are easier to separate and have better consistency, so the price is slightly cheaper. Special colors, such as purple and brown, are the most expensive because of color matching.


  5. LED welding effect: the total components of the LED flexible lamp are manual welding and machine welding.

1) Manual soldering---Use a soldering iron and adopt the most primitive soldering method. The appearance of the product produced by this approach is ugly (inconsistent solder joint size, flux residue, solder joints are not smooth, LED package burned, etc.) and the electrostatic protection measures are not good. Many LED chips are broken down, resulting in the bright or bright Not bright phenomenon.

2) Machine soldering---machine soldering adopts reflow soldering, which not only looks good after soldering (the solder joint size is uniform, the solder joint is smooth, the flux remains, and the LED package is intact), but also the chip will not be destroyed by static electricity. At the same time, the position and direction of the LEDs are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance.


   6. FPC material: FPC can be divided into rolled copper and copper plated. Copper plating is cheaper, and copper plating is more expensive. Copper-plated pads tend to fall off when bent, while rolled copper does not. The specific material of FPC to be used depends on the purchaser's own decision according to the use environment. At present, the FPC used by Suntech LED is all rolled copper, so the LED flexible light strips produced are also more resistant to bending. Is FPC environmental certification or UL certification? Does the LED have patents, etc., and there are certified and patented ones, the price is more expensive, not cheap.


7. LED brightness: the price of LEDs with different brightness is different, and the price of ordinary brightness and high-brightness LED is quite different. Therefore, when purchasing, you must know what kind of brightness you need in order to accurately locate our products.

   8. LED size: LEDs of different specifications and sizes have different prices. Such for 0603 LED and 1210 (3528) LED, the price difference is large; and the price of 3528 and 5050specifications LED is another step.


Note: LED flexible light strip electrostatic breakdown: Since LED is a semiconductor, it is an electrostatic-sensitive component, so if static protection is not done during the production process, the LED chip will be broken down due to static electricity, resulting in false death of the LED flexible light strip, This phenomenon is destructive and cannot be recovered. When the customer uses it, the problem is that some of the LED chips suddenly don't light up after a period of time, and obvious dark areas appear. A phenomenon called dead light that is common in the industry is caused, and this problem is a serious quality problem.

----Edited by Jessica

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