Do you know how many kinds of flexible LED PCB?

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    LED light strips, also known as flexible LED light strips, use flexible circuit boards, which are soft and dexterous, resistant to bending and bending, and have high flexibility. They are widely used in the production of linear lighting products such as light strips.

The unique characteristics of the flexible circuit board make it a rigid circuit board in many occasions, and it also promotes the development of many fields. So do you know how many types of flexible circuit boards are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages? please watch the following part


    Common types of flexible circuit boards:

    1. Single panel

    Use single-sided PI copper-clad board after the circuit is completed, and then cover a layer of protective film to form a flexible circuit board with only a single-layer conductor

    2. Ordinary double panel

    After the double-sided PI copper-clad material is used to complete the double-sided circuit, a protective film is added on both sides to become a circuit board with double-layer conductors.

    3. Substrate to generate single panel

    Using pure copper foil material in the circuit production, add a layer of protective film on each side of the circuit board to become a single-layer conductor but there are conductors on both sides of the circuit board to expose the circuit board

    4. Substrate to generate double panels

    Use two layers of single-sided PI copper-clad material in the middle, supplemented by adhesive glue that opens at a specific position, to become a double-sided conductor circuit board with a two-layer separation structure in a local area to be pressed in a local area to achieve a layered area Circuit board with high flexibility.

    There are mainly four types of flexible circuit boards above.

    Advantages of flexible circuit boards:

    1. It can be freely bent, wound, and folded, and can be arranged arbitrarily according to the space layout requirements

    2. Using FPC can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products

    3. FPC also has good heat dissipation and solderability, and is easy to install and connect, and the overall cost is low

    Disadvantages of flexible circuit boards:

    1. High one-time initial cost

    Since the flexible PCB circuit board is designed for special applications, the cost of circuit design, wiring and camera backplane is relatively high, unless there is a special need to apply flexible PCB

    2. It is difficult to change and repair the flexible PCB

    Once the flexible PCB circuit board is made, it must be changed from the base map or the light drawing program, so it is not easy to change. The surface is covered with a protective film, which must be removed before repair and restored after repair, which is a relatively difficult task.

    3. Size is restricted

    When flexible PCB circuit boards are not yet popular, they are usually manufactured by batch process, so they cannot be made very long and wide due to the limitation of the size of production equipment.

    4. Improper operation is easy to damage

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