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Advantages of LED point light sources

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1. The characteristics of point light sources


LED point light source is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly decorative light, which is a supplement to linear light source and flood lighting. It uses LED cold light source to emit light. It has a built-in microcomputer chip. It can be programmed and controlled at will. Multiple simultaneous changes and single-color changes can also be realized. Synchronous colorful gradients, jumps, scans, full-color changing effects of running water lights and multiple led point light sources form a dot matrix screen. Various pictures, text and animation effects can be changed. It is a supplement to linear light source and flood lighting. Its beautiful appearance can meet the design requirements of points, lines and surfaces for decorations such as buildings. Using the principle of dot matrix combination, using the LED computer digital program controller system, different types of animation (Gif, Flash), dot matrix text, graphics (JPG, BMP), and various lighting effects are realized.


LED point light source uses aluminum base, excellent heat dissipation, excellent waterproof performance, convenient installation, simple control, low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable, and elegant appearance. It is used for building, bridge outline, hotel, billboard, curtain wall and night scene lighting. Ideal decoration.



2. Classification


LED point light sources are divided into two types: Target Point and Free Point:

The target point light source can be used to project light to a target point, and its light distribution properties are isotropic, spotlight, and web.

The function of the free point light source is the same as the target point light source, except that there is no target point, and the user can change the direction of the light by himself. Similarly, the free point light source also has the above-mentioned three properties of luminosity to control the light distribution.



3. Advantages of point light sources


As a new generation of light sources, LED light sources are very different from traditional heat radiation and gas discharge light sources such as incandescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps. The current LED light sources have the following advantages in lighting:


1) Small size


Compared with traditional light sources, point light sources are small in size and light in weight, and can be made into devices of various shapes, which facilitate the arrangement and design of various lamps and equipment, have strong adaptability, and have a wide range of applications.


2) Good environmental performance

Since point light sources do not need to add metal mercury in the production process, LED waste will not cause mercury pollution, and its waste can be almost completely recycled, which not only saves resources, but also protects the environment.


3) Security and stability

The point light source can be driven by low-voltage DC, and the general power supply voltage is between 6-24V, so it has better safety performance and is especially suitable for use in public places. In addition, in a better external environment, point light sources have less light attenuation than traditional light sources and have a longer service life. Even if they are frequently switched on and off, their service life will not be affected.


4) Good seismic and impact resistance

The basic structure of the point light source is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed on a leaded shelf, and then sealed with epoxy resin. There is no glass shell in the structure, and there is no need to vacuum or inject specific gas into the tube like incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Therefore, the point light source has good shock and shock resistance, which brings convenience to its production, transportation and use.


5) Strong directionality

Compared with the traditional light source, the light emitted by the point light source is directional, and most of the light emitted by the LED can be directly directed to the illuminated surface, so the utilization rate is much higher than that of the traditional light source.


6) Fast response time

The response time of incandescent lamps is milliseconds, while the response time of point light sources is nanoseconds. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of traffic signals and automobile signal lights.


7) High luminous efficiency

With the development of LED lighting technology, the luminous efficiency of point light sources has increased from less than 10lm/W to more than 100lm, and its luminous efficiency still has great potential for improvement.


8) Rich light color

The point light source can realize the luminescence and color change of various colors in the visible light band by changing the electric current, chemical modification, and monochromatic light mixing. Even white LEDs can be made into light sources of various color temperatures. Therefore, it has obvious advantages in indoor decorative lighting and landscape lighting.


9) No flicker, no ultraviolet rays

The point light source adopts DC power supply, and the light is stable and does not flicker. The spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible light region, and there is basically no interference from ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which avoids the adverse effects of stroboscopic effects and improves the comfort of the human eye.


10) Good brightness adjustment

According to the light-emitting principle of the point light source, the light-emitting brightness or output luminous flux of the LED basically changes positively with the current. And its working current can be large or small within the rated range, and it has good adjustability, which lays the foundation for the point light source to realize on-demand lighting and stepless brightness control.


It is precisely because LED point light sources have incomparable advantages over the above traditional light sources, LED point light sources have become the focus and direction of the development of the lighting industry in various countries.