What is a DMX LED pixel point light?

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18mm LED pixel dot light

Introduction of LED Pixel Point Light:

LED pixel point light is a new type of green and environmentally-friendly light, designed for wall decoration and indoor illumination & outdoor facade lighting. With LED cold light, the LED point light can be made into solid color, internal control colorful and internal control pure color, TTL external control wonderful and pure color, DMX512 control RGB/RGBW.

It is a decorative light source that connects dots into lines and surfaces, with diversified appearances, mostly dominated by circles and squares. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor venues that need to be decorated, and night scenes can often be seen. It can also form a dot matrix display that can produce multi-style pattern designs and text.

A point light source is a pixel. Install multiple point light sources, through system control, can present a colorful light picture, instead of the function of the display screen, it can be made to a flexible LED mesh light. At the same time, it can be synchronized and cascaded between multiple buildings and shapes at a long distance, and cooperate with each other to present a very creative and beautiful light show. Therefore, Suntech LED pixel point light are widely used in the production of large-area building media mesh screen, wall lighting of building facades, outlines of buildings, bridges and other buildings, and lighting decorative lighting projects for parks, rivers, and squares.

The luminosity of the LED pixel point light source is uniform, and the output light is basically unchanged in the direction of the current. The amount of current in work has an excellent adjustment effect within the rated value range, which establishes the basis for the actual operation of the brightness corresponding to the requirements of the LED pixel point light source.

The electronic optical characteristics of led pixel point light sources include light decay, non-output power, high optical efficiency, uniformity, and electronic optical out-diffusion characteristics. Generally, the peak wavelength and half-brightness are selected to outline the characteristics of the spectrometer.

The LED pixel point light source has unique advantages in various applications. High-quality moisture-proof, stain-proof and non-yellowing characteristics are inherently suitable for outdoor use; high reliability than traditional line light sources makes zero maintenance possible; installation for many years can also operate without worry. The sophisticated specifications and flame-retardant design scheme enable it to be used in the venues specified by the KTV, roller coaster and other high lines.

40mm LED pixel light

Features of DMX controlled Pixel Point Light:

1. Can be programmed to manipulate several simultaneous transformations at will.

2. Can complete the actual effects of wonderful transformations such as simultaneous colorful, oscillation, scanner, water flow.

3. DMX LED dot light sources can form a dot matrix screen and transform the building facade into a  digital media facade to display a variety of paintings, text, animation actual effects, etc.

4. With low output power, long service life.

The DC power supply determines the stable and non-flickering characteristics of the LED pixel point light source. 

What are the application scenarios of DMX LED point light sources?

1. Outline of building, elevated and bridge;

2. Ground glass square display screen;

3. Ground decoration and lighting of city squares;

4. Decoration and lighting of amusement facilities such as Ferris wheel;

5. Landscape lighting of river courses and embankments;

6. Outdoor advertising display screens, building display screens;

7. Signs and logos;

8. Decorative lighting of ancient buildings;

9. Shape decoration and lighting on the top of the building;

10. Outline of text and image lines;

11. Shaped and personalized lamps with built-in light sources.

LED pixel light for architectural lighting lighting

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FAQ about LED Pixel Dot light:

Q: After the power is turned on, the fault light of the controller flashes, the point light source does not light up, and there is no animation effect output. What should I do?

A: This situation generally occurs because the controller does not read the card correctly and does not output a valid control program. The reasons may include:

(1) The SD card is empty and there is no program file;

(2) The program file name in the SD card is wrong, causing the SD card to not be recognized;

(3) SD card was not formatted as required before copying program files;

(4) The program file in the SD card does not match the lamp control IC and controller model;

(5) Replace the SD card and controller with a new one and then test to rule out the possibility of damage to the SD card and controller.

Q: After the power is turned on, the indicator light of the controller is normal and there is signal output. Why does the LED pixel light not display the effect change?

A: When this happens, check the following:

(1) Check whether the connection between the signal line of the lamp and the controller is correct;

(2) Check if the control signal is coming from the signal terminal of the first luminaire;

(3) Check whether the effect file in the SD card is made, and whether the selected model of the LED is consistent with the chip used in the current light;

(4) Check if the LED lights are powered normally.

Q: After the controller is connected to the lights and the effect changes, but the dot light flickers and the indicator light of the controller shows normal. What should I do?

A: Maybe the following reasons caused:

(1) The GND wire between the controller and the light is not connected;

(2) Maybe the power supply is low voltage;

(3) The effect made in the SD card is wrong, the LED chip selected when making the effect doesn't match the actual LED chip.

Here is a video shows how do we connect the DMX LED Pixel Light:

Above is the basic information about the LED pixel dot light, feel free to contact us if any questions. We provide all the technical support from the inquiry to installation, so it will be easy for you to complete the whole lighting project.

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