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What are the advantages of UVC lamps compared to traditional mercury lamps?

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What is UVC LED light?

UVC is the wavelength band with the shortest wavelength and the highest energy.  The wavelength is between 100 and 280nm. Wavelength 275 has the best sterilization effect. Inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds and does not produce other chemical pollutants.


What is Traditional Low pressure mercury lamp?

Low pressure mercury lamp refers to a mercury vapor arc lamp with a mercury vapor pressure of 1.3~13Pa (0.01~0.1mmHg) and a main emission wavelength of 254nm (0.01mmHg) in the ultraviolet region, accounting for 70% of the total energy of the lamp.


Where is UVC LED market ?

UVC LED has been recognized by the market for its performance advantages such as safety, environmental protection, compactness, high efficiency, and low consumption. It has already seen clues in the fields of water purifiers, maternal and child products, air conditioners, refrigerators and other high-end consumer products. According to BIS Research Analysis data, by 2023, the market size of UVC will be close to US$500 million in 2023, with an average annual growth rate of 41.9%.


Why UVC is so popular?

Compared with Low pressure mercury lamp,  UVC LED has the following advantages .


1. Efficient sterilization

The UVC segment ultraviolet light emitted by the deep ultraviolet LED generally kills bacteria and viruses within a few seconds.


2. Broad bactericidal properties

Because bacteria, virus antigens and other microorganisms are not resistant to ultraviolet light, deep ultraviolet light can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency, and the deep ultraviolet LED sterilization technology can also inhibit some relatively The growth of higher aquatic organisms, such as algae, red insects, paramecium, etc.;


3. Safety and environmental protection (without mercury)

The most obvious advantage of deep-ultraviolet LED devices over mercury-excited UV lamps currently on the market is that their germicidal light source does not contain mercury.  Mercury can evaporate at room temperature. Mercury vapor and mercury compounds are Highly toxic (chronic), the traditional ultraviolet mercury lamp germicidal lamp will cause serious water pollution if the lamp tube breaks during the sterilization process.


4.Ultra-long life, the service life of UVLED curing machine is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury lamp (600-1000 hours) curing machine, about 20000H.



5. Small size, flexible design, easy installation

The deep ultraviolet LED device is small in size, and its sterilization device is designed flexibly, and it can be used in a narrow space where traditional ultraviolet mercury lamps cannot be used.


6.Open at any time, electronically controlled

UV LED does not need to be preheated like a mercury lamp, nor does it need to be always on in order to maintain the life and work efficiency of the lamp. UV LED can turn on (off) the lamp instantly, the output energy can also be set freely, and can be automatically adjusted according to the speed of the device, which is very energy-saving and simple and convenient to control.


With so many advantages, more and more people are beginning to use UVC LED for sterilization. At the same time, more and more good products are entering the UVC market. Suntech's 18leds UVC light bar 24V is a good choice for you,Wavelength between 265~278nm, picture below:


24v Germicidal UVC LED Strip (1)