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          Strengthening disinfection to create a safer environment is a top priority for every enterprise, school and facility. Due to the high efficiency of UV-C, the ability to disinfect surfaces and air without harmful chemical exposure, and the minimal application time and workload, many people have turned to UV-C disinfection.


          However, since the novel coronavirus pandemic has triggered a massive influx of UV-C disinfection products, it can be challenging to know where to start and how to make smart investment decisions. To help, we outline some key considerations to ensure you choose the best UV-C equipment for your environment.


1. Evaluate the efficacy of UV-C disinfection devices


          A large number of scientific and medical studies have proved that UV-C is effective in disinfecting the surface, water and air against the entire human pathogen. In fact, to date, there are no known anti-ultraviolet microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) on earth. However, when evaluating the efficacy of different UV-C disinfection systems, the lack of a unified performance standard may make it difficult to eliminate noise and make it difficult to make a truly wise one.


          What should you look for?

          The answer is third-party test data. In the absence of a unified performance standard, it is required to provide evidence of the efficacy statement and whether the product has been tested against live microorganisms by an authorized third-party laboratory.


          Of course, the UVC wavelength can also be measured by professional testing equipment, because official data has shown that far 222nm, 254nm and 265-278nm can achieve perfect disinfection effects.

UVC measure

2. Safety function


          UV-C is a powerful sterilization system, if exposed, it will cause damage to human skin and eyes. Therefore, looking for UV-C products with built-in safety mechanisms can minimize risks and ensure zero exposure. Important safety features include long-distance motion detection and automatic shut-off function (if someone accidentally walks into the room during a cycle), cycle timer with automatic shut-off function, and built-in timing delay function, so that the operator has enough time to leave The room is before the start of the cycle.


3. Performance: UV-C intensity and cycle time


          One of the many advantages that UV-C systems have over manual disinfection and chemical sprayers includes faster disinfection time. However, not all UV-C systems emit the same UV-C intensity (usually called dose), which affects the speed at which they can disinfect the room. Generally, a UV-C system that emits a higher dose can disinfect the room faster. When considering the use of UV-C systems, performance data is required, including the dose discharge and cycle time required to inactivate harmful pathogens.


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