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WS2812B Programmable RGB LED Strip

WS2812B led strip is widely used in KTV hotel bar decoration for special visual impact, 5v input
We are direct factory of programmable led strips


WS2812B RGB LED strip introduction:

WS2812B led strip is widely used in KTV hotel bar decoration for special visual impact, 5v input

We are direct factory of programmable led strips, welcome to Customize.

12v addressable led strip parameters:


IC Qty per meter


per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size






Addressable RGB




Double Copper PCB 5000*10mm

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ws2812b 5050  features:

1. Built-in electric reset circuit and power loss reset circuit.

2. Control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components, to form a complete addressable pixel.

3. Each SMD 5050 has an IC(WS2811) inserted in ,each LED individually address controlled

4. The colors of the lights are highly consistent and cost-effective.

addressable led strip ws2812b details:

1. For WS2812B LED strip we have 30leds per meter, 60leds per meter, 144leds per meter for option.

2. Both waterproof IP65 and IP68 are available.

3. White PCB or black PCB are also for option.

4. The distance between any two points is not more than 3m to transmit signals without any additional circuit.

5. You can design many different lighting effects and animations you want

Lighting effect of WS2812B Addressable RGB LED light

WS2812 SMD5050 RGB 30leds/60leds/144leds LED tape 5v 

ws2812 led strip 1

Addressable 60LEDs RGB pixel LED strip WS2812 with white/black PCB

ws2812 led strip 2

ws2812 led strip 3

2812B led strip lighting

Chip information of SMD5050 WS2812B LED Digital Strip

5050 ws2812 led chip

Applications of individually controlled WS2812B RGB digital strip

1. LED decorative lighting

2. Indoor/outdoor LED video irregular screen

3. Hotel/KTV/Outdoor advertising signs/ Wedding party lighting/ etc.

application of ws2812b led strip

ws2812 details

WS2812B Installation and connection :

1. Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to Peel off the backing strip off the adhesive tape

2. Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface

3. Plug your light strip into a compatible 5V DC power supply or dimmer

4. Connect your power supply to a wall outlet Enjoy your beautiful LED light strip!

WS2812B strip connection

View the production workshop of Suntech


Suntech factory 1


1. Q: Can I pay by PayPal for the WS2812B programmable RGB LED strip?

    A: PayPal we accept for samples, for mass order we prefer TT 30% in advance and 70% before delivery

2. Q: Can you tell me warranty policy?

    A: For led pixel strip, our warranty is 2 years.

3. Q: What is your lead time?

    A: For order smaller than 1000m usually we need a week.


1. Avoid making connections or changing connections while the circuit is energized.

2. Minimize the length of the wire connecting your microcontroller to the LED strip.

3. Follow general good engineering practices, such as taking measures to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).

4. Connect a capacitor of at least 100 μF between the ground wire of the power input and the power wire.

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