Features and advantages of LED wall washing light

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Led wall washing light is used for outdoor facade lighting, the lights flows through the wall just like water and can outlining the outline of large buildings. As LED is well-known for energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color and long service life, the wall washing light with other light sources have been gradually replaced by LED since 2013. As Chinese one of the best wall washer light manufacturers, Suntech will introduce LED wall washer and let you know why the LED wall washer light is so popular in modern architectural lighting.

outdoor wall wash lighting

Features of LED wall washing light

①Based on the standard DMX512 protocol, it supports 16.7 million colors (24 bits)

②High brightness, high energy efficiency, durable

③Asymmetric light distribution design, especially suitable for wall washing lighting

④High quality LED transparency and optimal beam control ensure uniform brightness

⑤The thinness light design can provide suitable lighting for the narrow space of the building

⑥High grade material and high protection grade (IP66) can withstand any harsh outdoor environment

⑦Flexible mounting bracket, convenient light angle adjustment, maintenance free and high energy efficiency

⑧The light mixing distance is short, can support close installation

⑨50000 hours long life

led wall washer light

outdoor wall washing light

Advantages of LED wall washing light

1. Power level. The power of the wall washing light determines the projection distance. It is not fixed and can be changed flexibly according to the requirements.

2. Voltage. Both DC and AC is available. Generally, the built-in power supply is externally connected with AC220V (AC110V in Japan), and the external power supply is generally low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27v, etc. According to different requirements, different manufacturers, the voltage is also different.

3. IP protection level. This is not only an important parameter of the wall washing light, but also an important index that affects the quality of the current guardrail tube. The waterproof grade above IP65 is the best, and the relevant pressure resistance, fragmentation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance and impact aging grade are also required.

4. Color specifications. It has seven colors, full color, monochrome.

5. Color temperature. The color temperature is various and can be widely selected.

6. Luminous angle. There are narrow, medium and wide light angles for LED wall washing lights.

7. Operating temperature. Generally, the outdoor temperature can work at - 40 ℃ and + 60 ℃.

8. Control mode. At present, there are two control methods for LED wall washing lamp: internal control and external control. Internal control is not external controller, the degree effect can not be changed. External control is the external controller, its effect can be changed by adjusting the main control button.

9. Mirror. Glass reflective lens, light transmittance of 98%, not easy to atomize, can resist UV radiation.

highway bridge lighting

LED wall washing light is widely used in modern urban landscape design and application. Compared with other lighting source products, it can better set off the artistic characteristics and cultural value of urban landscape. In the design and use, we should give full play to the characteristics and advantages of LED wall washing light, render the artistry of various modern urban landscapes, and add more artistic beauty to people's cultural and entertainment life.

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