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Simple RGBW Building Profile Facade Linear Lighting

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Project information

Location: Jiangxi, China

Item category: Architectural Lighting

Type of lamp: 

DMX Controlled Spotlight

DMX Linear LED Light Bar


Details: Building night scene lighting, as an important part of urban lighting projects, not only beautifies the night sky of the city, but also enhances its own image. It is a powerful means of self-promotion and awareness. On the wall, the architect used a combination of large-angle floodlights and small-angle floodlights. Small-angle floodlights illuminate downwards and large-angle floodlights illuminate upwards. The designers also used a combination of linear lights and pixel dot lights. Two linear lights sandwich a pixel dot light. Two linear lights create a chasing effect when the lights are turned on. The trees below are illuminated upwards by buried lights, and the trees become more emerald green.


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