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LED Strip Connector 2 Pin 8mm Width

LED strip connector 2 Pin for 8mm width flexible tape light


LED strip connector for 8mm strip tape technical parameters:

Rated voltage: DC12V-36V,AC230V

Rated current: 5A

Temperature resistance of plastics: 150℃

Working environment: -20℃0...+80℃

Pull out: >45 Newton (5 kg)

Plastic material: PA66 UL 94-0

Material for conductive parts: Copper

Wire specification: suitable for regular standard 20-22AWG

2 Pin strip connector product presentation:

1. Exquisite and small shape design,prevent the use of shadow in the use of LED lighting;and can be applied flexibly to the narrow space of aluminum tube;

2. Double-sided clamping design, no direction of recognition,Both sides of the positive and negative sides can be reused indefinitely;

3. Mechanical locking design,No spiny PFC plate,With low insertion force and high locking force,Prevent LED light strip from falling off

4.The internal conductive connections are completely isolated and widened,Prevent short circuit, and carry high strength power and 5A current;

5. Users can choose the length of wires they want, and connect them quickly with tools (pliers).

Schematic diagram of LED strip:

1.Use scissors to cut led strip to length along copper solder pads ONLY(located ever 3 LEDs).

Suntech 8mmXB-2P

2.Peel back adhesive lining on led strip about 1/2 inch.

Suntech 8mmXB- 2P

3.Prepare the necessary LED strip and suitable LED strip connectors and wires.

LED strip connector 8mmXB-2P

3.Open the LED strip connector's lid and insert the LED strip and cover the lid

LED connectors 8mmXB-2P

4.Red wire and LED strip “+” polar match ,Insert the wire into the wire hole and press the LED strip connctor's lid with the tool (pliers) to close the lid.

Tape light 8mmXB-2P

5.Connection end.

Conection 8mmXB-2P

2.8mm width led strip to strip connector

Prepare the LED strip and the suitable width LED strip connector.

Suntech 8mmBB-2P

Open one of the lid of the LED strip connector, insert LED strip to the end, and then close the lid.

Suntech 8mm 2pin strip connectors

Open the other lid of the connector, insert the LED strip to the end, Then press the lid until the lock is locked ...(The positive pole between the LED strip and the LED strip should match the positive electrode)

Suntech 8mm BB-2P

6.Connection end.(If you need to cancel the connection between LED strip and LED strip,Open the lid to take out the led strip belt and cover the lid,Then continue to open the other cover and take out the LED strip)

Suntech 8mm BB- 2P

Product size chart: unit /mm

Model: ST-8mmXB-2P

8mm width LED strip connector size

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