What’s the difference between COB LED and SMD LED

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What is COB LED light

COB LED light source means that the chip is directly bonded and packaged on the entire substrate, that is, multiple chips are inherited and integrated on the inner substrate for packaging. It is mainly used to solve the problem of manufacturing high-power LED lights with low-power chips, which can disperse the heat of the chip, improve the light efficiency, and improve the glare effect of the LED lights. COB has high luminous flux density, less glare, soft light, and emits a uniformly distributed light surface. COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which the LED chip is directly attached to a high-reflectivity mirror metal substrate. This technology eliminates the concept of brackets, no electroplating, no reflow soldering, and no patching process. So the process is reduced by nearly one-third, and the cost is also reduced by one-third. 

The COB LED light source can be simply understood as a high-power integrated surface light source, and the light emitting area and shape size of the light source can be designed according to the shape and structure of the product.                                                                                 

COB LED light strip

Features of COB LED

1 . Electrical stability, scientific and reasonable circuit design, optical design, and heat dissipation design.

2 . The use of heat sink technology ensures that the LED has an industry-leading thermal lumen maintenance rate (95%).

3 . It is convenient for the secondary optical matching of the product and improves the lighting quality.

4 . High color rendering, uniform luminescence, no spot, healthy and environmentally friendly.

5 . The installation is simple and easy to use, which reduces the difficulty of lamp design and saves the cost of lamp processing and subsequent maintenance.


What is SMD LED light

SMD LED means surface mount light emitting diode, SMD chip helps to improve production efficiency, as well as application in different facilities. It is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. Its voltage is 1.9-3.2V, the red light and yellow light voltage are the lowest. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip. Encapsulated with epoxy resin. The semiconductor wafer is composed of two parts, one part is a P-type semiconductor, in which holes dominate, and the other end is an N-type semiconductor, which is mainly electrons. But when these two semiconductors are connected, a P-N junction is formed between them. When the current acts on the chip through the wire, the electrons will be pushed to the P area, where the electrons and holes recombine, and then emit energy in the form of photons. This is the principle of LED light emission. The wavelength of light is also the color of light, which is determined by the material forming the P-N junction. 

SMD WS2815 LED strip

Features of SMD LED

1 . High assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products. The volume and weight of chip components are only about 1/10 of that of traditional plug-in components. Generally, after SMT is adopted, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~ 80%.

2 . High reliability and strong anti-vibration ability. The defect rate of solder joints is low.

3 . Good high frequency characteristics. Reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

4 . It is easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency. Reduce costs by 30%~50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.


Compare COB LED and SMD LED

Traditional LED: "Discrete LED light source → MCPCB light source module → LED lamp" is mainly due to the lack of ready-made suitable core light source components, which is not only time-consuming, but also costly.

COB package "COB light source module → LED lamp", multiple chips can be directly packaged on the metal-based printed circuit board MCPCB, and heat is directly dissipated through the substrate, saving the cost of primary packaging of LED, light engine module production cost and secondary light distribution cost . In terms of performance, through reasonable design and micro-lens molding, the COB light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of point light and glare in the combination of discrete light source devices; it can also be added to the appropriate red chip combination to significantly reduce the light source efficiency and Under the premise of longevity, it can effectively improve the color rendering of the light source.


COB LED light

The advantages of COB LED

1. Manufacturing efficiency advantage

The production process of COB packaging is basically the same as the traditional SMD production process. The efficiency of die bonding and wire bonding is basically the same as that of SMD packaging. However, the efficiency of COB packaging is better than that of SMD products in terms of dispensing, separation, spectroscopy, and packaging. It is much higher. Traditional SMD packaging labor and manufacturing costs account for about 15% of the material cost, and COB packaging labor and manufacturing costs account for about 10% of the material cost. With COB packaging, labor and manufacturing costs can be saved by 5%.

2. Advantages of low thermal resistance

The system thermal resistance of traditional SMD packaging applications is: chip-die bond-solder joints-solder paste-copper foil-insulating layer-aluminum. The thermal resistance of the COB package system is: chip-bonding glue-aluminum. The system thermal resistance of the COB package is much lower than that of the traditional SMD package, which greatly improves the life of the LED.

3. Light quality advantage

In traditional SMD packaging, multiple discrete devices are pasted on a PCB board to form a light source assembly for LED applications in the form of patches. This approach has problems of spot light, glare, and ghosting. The COB package is an integrated package and a surface light source. The advantage is that the viewing angle is large and easy to adjust, and the loss of light refraction is reduced.

4. Application advantages

The COB light source eliminates the process of patching and reflow soldering on the application side, greatly reducing the production and manufacturing process on the application side, and at the same time, eliminating the corresponding equipment. The investment cost of production equipment is lower and the production efficiency is higher.

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