What is the difference between a point light source, a surface light source, and a line light source?

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Point light:

Point light source is an abstracted physical concept, in order to make it easier to study physical problems. Like the usual smooth plane, mass point, and no air resistance, point light source does not actually exist in reality. It refers to a light source that emits light evenly from a point to the surrounding space.


LED point light source is a new type of decorative light that is energy saving and environmentally friendly. It emits light using an LED cold light source. It has a built-in microcomputer chip. You are free to program and control. Multiple simultaneous changes, single color changes can also achieve synchronized colorful gradients, jumps, scans and water lights. You can change various photo, text and animation effects. Complements linear light sources and flood lighting. Its beautiful appearance can meet the design requirements of decorative points, lines and surfaces such as buildings. LED point light source adopts aluminum base, good heat dissipation and waterproof performance, easy to install, low voltage power supply, safe and beautiful. Used for buildings, bridge outlines, hotels, signboards, curtains, walls and night scene lighting. Ideal decoration.

surface light source:

A surface light source refers to a light emission mode. Compared to LED point light sources and regular lamp light sources, existing surface light sources such as flat light sources have the advantages of soft emission, harmless to the eyes, power saving and naturalness. Light. LED surface light sources are currently in their early stages of use and are suitable for ceiling lights, downlights, high bay lights, fluorescent lights, bulb lights and other types of lamps. Therefore, the surface light source has various shapes such as circles, rings, squares, strips, and triangles. The long strips can be assembled directly to bedside, cabinets, refrigerators, mirror lights, foot lights, etc.


Line light source:

Linear lightsource is a terminology for architectural lighting and refers to a continuous lamp or luminaire whose overall emission band is much longer than the distance to a lighting calculation point that can be considered linear light source. "Line light source" in physics: A point-shaped light source that can emit continuously visible light. This point of emission is called a linear light source when the light travels linearly in only one direction in space.

The difference between a line light source and a point light source lies in the shape of the light source. A point light source is a point-shaped focused light that is mainly used for building decoration and pixel screen animation of a point light source. In lighting engineering, a line light source is a long band of light. A typical lamp specification is 1 meter. Line light source products commonly used in lighting projects are mainly line lights and guardrail tubes. Also known as a wall washer. A line light source, the other is a surface light source. Generally, it refers to indoor flat panel lights, large area lighting that emits light as a whole.


The light source is far from the receiving side and the received light may be close to parallel lines. This light source is called a surface light source. For example, when the sun illuminates us, the light received by the hands and feet can be considered parallel, and the rays of the whole body are parallel. The light source received at this time is called a surface light source.


If you replace the light source with the earth and the moon, or the Pacific Ocean and the Himalayas, the angle difference between the light and the light source is so large that it cannot be ignored, so the light source is called a point light source.


Line light sources are also available, such as fluorescent lamps. The light emitted from different points on the light source reaches the same point on an object, and there is an angle difference between the light rays. Therefore, the light source is called a line light source at this time.


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