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G40 Waterproof Christmas Twinkly LED String Light DIY Outdoor Decoration

New upgrade. Simple operation and many functions. *Infrared remote control *Mobile phone Bluetooth control* Manual control *Music rhythm *Smart scene *Timing function *Online upgrade

Use smart colorful G40 string light to decorate your Christmas

G40 Outdoor Twinkly Smart String Lights

Product details

Year & model

2021, BWSL12



Controller features


Num. of lamps


Lamp lens type

Diffused Round Lens

Lamp diameter


Lamp spacing




Electric wire

Black Wire

String length


Adapter input

120V - US 240V - EU/UK max 50/60Hz

Adapter output



1 year

Packaging & Delivery

Product weight

970g Gross weight per box

Product packaging size


Product carton size


Product FCL Weight

16.4 KG (16 boxes per carton)

Subject to final reality

For more details, please download specifications for reference on this page.

BWSL12-Bluetooth G40 Light String Specification_v2.0.pdf

You can choose an Android or IOS version App for intelligent pixel strings to control through WIFI or Bluetooth connection APP Download here please, we ruse Tuya WIFI & Bluetooth solution which is stable and reliable.

Dance with your music

G40 Outdoor Twinkly Smart String Light

Flex your creative muscles Shape it like a kitty, a musical note, or your personal mascot. Or give Flex a minimalistic shape – Just use the clips and holders to fix your design in place. You can put it on a wall, or even inside a frame: you are the artist.

G40 Twinkly Smart String Lights

Our company's LED smart light string can bring you a new experience. Please give full play to your imagination, you are an artist.

G40 Smart String Lights

Advantages of our company's products

Our company's smart colorful light string can provide more than 16 million kinds of color light, 16 kinds of monochrome, 20 kinds of scenes, 4 kinds of music modes. The light string controller has a built-in high-sensitive microphone, which can make the light of the light string change with the surrounding sound. Turn on your favorite songs, the lights will move with the music, creating a better atmosphere for the holiday party.

The light string has various control methods and simple operation, remote control, APP, WIFI, Bluetooth. The remote control can quickly adjust the light. What you want is what you get. The mobile phone APP can make more refined adjustments to the lighting, and the buttons on the colleague's remote control can let you calmly deal with various unexpected situations. The light string has a memory function. It is turned off and turned on again. The light string is still the last set light. With the timing function, the light string can be lit up at any time.

The smart colorful light string supports Amazon ECHO, Google Home, and other voice speakers, and the light string can be controlled by voice.


Do you know when the first Christmas tree was decorated with lights?

Christmas is an unforgettable day of the year. People will be excited to light up the lights at Christmas. Use colored lights to decorate Christmas trees, decorate houses, and gardens. Under the light of the lamp, it is bright and beautiful everywhere. Usually, after Thanksgiving, string after string of colored lights will be hung up by people, usually long after Christmas. So when was the first time a Christmas tree was decorated with lights?

During Christmas in 1880, Edison built an 8-mile-long underground wiring system so that he could power the factory's large-scale light display. In 1900, retail stores began to use Edison's strategy to hang lights on windows and began a trend that has continued to this day, similar to today's string lights.

In 1882, Edison showed the first Christmas tree lit by electricity in the New York home of his friend Edward Johnson, the vice president of the Edison Electric Company. The tree was placed on an electric box, and the box was spinning, and 80 red, white, and blue lights flickered and dimmed. It was very beautiful. This quickly attracted media attention. People are very excited about this new invention. But at this time it is very expensive to decorate the Christmas tree with lights. It was very extravagant to decorate the Christmas tree with lights at that time. But with the advancement of technology, decorating Christmas trees with string lights is not exclusive to the rich. Ordinary people can also decorate a beautiful Christmas tree with string lights. This is a very common thing. Because the development of light string is very rapid, especially led smart light string. Led smart light strings are cheaper, safer, more environmentally friendly, and more energy-efficient.

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