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Atomi Christmas Twinkle Pro Fairy Lights Outdoor Waterproof P65 APP Alexa Controlled

*Professional Christmas lights are outdoor LED fairy lights with the highest quality rating IP65 for extended outdoor use, year after year. *The smart Christmas string lights are 5 meters and 10 meters long. Can be customized according to requirements. *Highest quality double insulated lamp string. *Timing, voice control. APP controls, WIFI and Bluetooth. Voice control. The lights change with the music.


Atomi Outdoor Christmas Twinkle Pro Fairy Lights Waterproof P65 APP alexa controlled

Christmas Fairy LED Star Smart Twinkly String Light

Product details

Year & model

2021, MSL10/MSL11



Controller features

Bluetooth, WI-Fi

Num. of lamps


Lamp lens type

Diffused Round Lens

Lamp diameter


Lamp spacing




Electric wire

White Wire

String length


Adapter input

120V - US 240V - EU/UK max 50/60Hz

Adapter output



1 year

Packaging & Delivery

Product weight

5M-163g 10M-193g (Gross weight per box)

Product packaging size


Product carton size


Product FCL Weight

5M 15.4KG(72 boxes per carton)

10M 18.1KG (90 boxes per carton)

Subject to final reality

For more details, please download specifications for reference on this page.


How to operate smart string lights easily?

You can choose an Android or IOS version App for intelligent pixel strings to control through WIFI or Bluetooth connection APP Download here please, we ruse Tuya WIFI & Bluetooth solution which is stable and reliable.

Product function

Twinkly Smart String Light product function

Look here. The key point you are interested in is here.

String Light product function

How to use intelligent dazzling string lights decoration?

1. Read the specifications carefully before installation. Figure out what you want to look like and map out the decoration scheme.

2. In particular, if you are decorating outdoors, use smart string lights approved for outdoor use.

3. Match the power supply corresponding to the specification. Pay attention to rated current.

4. Measure the distance and calculate the required length and quantity. Make a note of what you need before you start decorating. This will improve your speed.

5. If you want to measure the length of a post or tree trunk, use a flexible ruler. Or you can wrap a string around it, lay it flat and measure the length of the string.

The light shines with the rhythm of the music

Smart Wifi Twinkly Flex String Lights

Voice control. Enjoy the feast of sound and light. The lights are at your disposal.

Smart Wifi Twinkly Flex String Lights

The remote control is possible through APP. Not limited by distance

Smart Wifi Twinkly Flex String Lights

Timing and Schedule functions. Share a warm and romantic light show with your lover. Don't worry about forgetting the time. Time is in your hands.

Smart Wifi Twinkly Flex String Lights

What are the advantages of LED smart light strings?

The following aspects are worthy of attention.

1. Energy efficiency. LEDs use about 10 percent of the power of incandescent bulbs. An incandescent lamp must heat its filament before it can produce light. Ninety percent of the energy it consumes is used to generate heat. LED string lights consume less energy and produce less heat, which is greener, saves energy, and reduces the risk of fire.

2. Many types of LED holiday lights comply with the ENERGY Star guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

3. Long service life. LED string lights last two to three times longer than incandescent bulbs. In addition, LED string lights are usually made of lightweight plastic, which is more adaptable to changes in the environment and less likely to break.

4. The brightness. LED string lights usually have many bulbs in each string and can be adjusted by adjusting the number of beads or intelligently adjust the brightness of the string. You can adjust it as much as you like.

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