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172NM UV VUV Excimer Lamp for Surface Cleaning and UV Curing

Suntech 172nm excimer lamp has a main peak wavelength of 172nm, good monochromaticity, concentrated UV output energy, high luminous efficiency, low temperature, instant lighting, no mercury, and environmental protection. Its energy of 7.23 eV is enough to directly crack all the main bonds of organic molecules, and this is an excellent choice for surface cleaning or modification, light cleaning, and light curing.

172nm UV Excimer Light

Product Features:

  • Peak wavelength 172nm

  • Momentary on/off

  • Zero Mercury – Environmentally Friendly

  • Good monochromaticity, concentrated UV output

  • High UV output intensity, up to 100mW/cm⊃2;

  • Incoherent light facilitates large area processing

  • No corrosion, greatly prolonging the service life

  • Cold light source, no infrared output

  • No obvious heating effect, suitable for heat-sensitive material processing

172nm light tube

UV 172NM Excimer Lamp Models

Model No.
Arc Length (mm)
Total Length (mm)
Average Life (hour)

Power (watt)

50 110 Air 2000 100
300 460 Water 2000 400
500 660 Water 2000 600
1000 1160
Water 2000 1000
EX1500*34-172 1500 1660 Water
2000 1500

product detail

Here is a video to show the 172nm UV Excimer Light Tube:

172nm UV Excimer Light Working Principle

172 nm UV irradiation can cut off the combination with the organic molecules of pollutants on the surface of the oxide body, then decompose into volatile substances such as oxygen and hydrogen, and finally, volatilize and disappear.  After irradiation, the surface is extremely clean.

working principle

Break molecular bonds

The energy to break the molecular bonds of an organic substance requires light energy that exceeds the binding energy of the substance, and the greater the energy absorption (excitation) of the substance, the easier it is to initiate a reaction (decomposition) and the shorter the processing time required. Therefore, binding energies that cannot be broken using low-pressure UV lamps can be broken down using the 172 nm wavelength produced by excimer lamps.

Generates a large number of excited oxygen atoms

Compared with traditional mercury UV lamps, 172nm excimer UV lamps have the advantages of large light intensity, precise targeting, mercury-free manufacturing, green environmental protection, recyclability, and no secondary pollution. Compared with the 185nm wavelength of the low pressure UV lamp, the molecular oxygen absorption coefficient of the 172nm wavelength is about 20 times larger. This can not only generate high-density reactive oxygen species, but also generate strong excited oxygen with strong oxidative power by directly acting on oxygen.

How Do We Test the 172nm Excimer Lamp

172NM UV VUV Excimer Lamp Test

VUV 172nm Light Application

1. Surface cleaning. Can be used for cleaning processes in wafer and flat panel display manufacturing, cleaning surface membrane, removing photoresists, etc.

2. Surface etching and modification. Such as polyimide, fluorine materials, etc.

3. Low temperature photochemical vapor deposition (Photo-CVD). Such as electronic thin films Ta2O5 and HfO2, etc.

4. Photo-oxidation, photo-annealing. For example, the electronic thin film SiO₂ is treated to improve its stoichiometry.

5. Photocatalytic metallization at room temperature. Such as metal electrodes on the plastic surface;

6. Surface activation to increase surface tension and wettability.

7. Organic degradation. In addition to total organic carbon (TOC) to produce ultrapure water, decompose pesticide residues, photochemical decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater.

8. Water treatment, LCD, C/F process surface cleaning.

9. Ultrapure water process, ozone generation.

10. Remove fine molecules of metal substances.

11. Manufacturing and processing of chips, semiconductors, LCD screens, dental implants, circuit boards, etc.

12. 4H excimer skin feel board and skin feel film processing.

13. Remove organic matter and increase surface activation and hydrophilization.

14. The adhesion and tightness of the workpiece are greatly improved.

15. UV cleaning is a non-destructive cleaning method that does not damage the surface and does not form corrosion holes.

Comparison of the effects before and after 172nm UV Excimer Light irradiation

Implants irradiated with 172nm UV Excimer Light can improve blood absorption

Implants irradiated with 172nm UV Excimer Light can improve blood absorption

UV-irradiated implants can quickly promote bone growth

UV-irradiated implants can quickly promote bone growth

UV non-destructive cleaning

UV non-destructive cleaning

UV irradiation crosscut test

UV irradiation crosscut test

UV irradiation promotes hydrophilization

UV irradiation promotes hydrophilization

UV irradiation PET film

UV irradiation PET film

UV irradiation original glass

UV irradiation original glass

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