What is cob? And why to choose cob led light?

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What is cob? The full name of it is “chip on board”, which is a new packaging method different from SMD surface mount packaging technology. Specifically, the bare chip is adhered to the PCB with conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding is carried out to realize its electrical connection, and the chip and bonding wire are encapsulated with adhesive.

Since LED entered the lighting industry, the initial form is LED beads, electric welding on the plate, first 3528/5050, then 3014/2835. However, the disadvantages of this kind of method are that the process flow is diverse, the LED packaging is also SMT, the cost is increased, and the heat conduction is more difficult. Therefore, cob was introduced into the LED industry at that time.

Traditional LED: "discrete components of LED light source company → MCPCB light source module → LED lighting fixture", the key is that the method adopted is not only time-consuming, but also high cost because of the lack of suitable key light source components.


Cob packaging "cob light source control module → LED lighting", several integrated IC can be immediately encapsulated on metal material printed with PCB circuit board MCPCB, according to the heat dissipation of the base plate immediately, the cost of LED encapsulation is saved, the cost of optical module touch group is made, and the cost of re allocation of light is also charged. In terms of characteristics, according to the effective design scheme and micro lens modeling, cob light source control module can reasonably prevent the company's discrete light source components from lighting, glare and other shortcomings; The color rendering index of the light source can be reasonably improved by adding appropriate bright red integrated IC composition without sharply reducing the efficiency and service life of the light source.

Below is the main advantages of cob light:

1.Due to the structural characteristics of cob band, the light emitting surface is a linear colloid; The structure of the ordinary light bead type light belt is a luminous light bead, which is pasted on the PCB board. Therefore, the light emitted by cob light band should be much more uniform, linear and without spot;

2.Because cob chip is directly fixed on PCB, the heat of cob chip can be transferred to PCB quickly. Therefore, the chip heat dissipation speed of cob light strip is faster than that of bead light, and the light attenuation of cob light strip is smaller and the service life is longer;

3.The luminous angle of cob light can reach 180°.


With the gradual maturity of LED application market, users' demand for product stability and reliability is higher and higher. Especially under the same conditions, products are required to achieve better energy efficiency index, lower power consumption and more competitive product price. Based on this, compared with traditional led SMD and high-power packaging, chip on board (COB) integrated packaging technology directly encapsulates multiple LED chips on metal based printed circuit board. As a lighting module, it directly dissipates heat through the substrate, which not only reduces the manufacturing process and cost of the bracket, but also has the advantage of reducing thermal resistance, Therefore, it has become a kind of packaging method promoted by lighting enterprises.

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