What are the applications of UVC led?

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UVC LED products are gradually recognized in the market due to their many advantages, and have been initially used in water treatment, air sterilization, food preservation and other fields.


Why people pay more and more attention to sterilization,please see the word we live in today:


Especially when the new coronavirus is prevalent today,UVC led gradually has its own market:

       Recent markets: humidifiers, air purifiers, water dispensers, ice machines, smart toilets, food preservation boxes...

       Mid-term market: commercial air conditioners, vertical air conditioners, baby bottle sterilizers, smart trash cans, direct drinking fountains...

       Forward market: car air conditioners, on-hook air conditioners, refrigerators...


UVC LED application


1. Static surface sterilization

Smart toilet, food preservation box, smart trash can: embed UVC-LED lamp beads on the side or top of the appropriate cavity, and use ultraviolet rays to directly sterilize the sterilized objects. The sterilization time is initially converted according to the irradiation distance, area and sterilization efficiency requirements .


2. Near static water sterilization

Humidifiers, water tanks for drinking fountains, ice machines: characterized by low water flow or long-term bacteriostasis. Usually, a single UVC-LED sterilization module is installed at the top or low end of the water tank to irradiate ultraviolet rays to the entire water body to achieve water sterilization and antibacterial.


3. Air sterilization

Air purifiers, various air conditioners. It is mentioned in the new maternal and infant air conditioner that the sterilization effect of 2 hours air sterilization rate is 90%. The problem is that infants living in a sterile environment will be less immune. This fact has been widely recognized and scientifically explained. It is not the mission of deep ultraviolet sterilization technology to completely kill bacteria in the air.


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