UVC Light Sterilization Effectiveness

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UVC Light Sterilization Effectiveness

Principle of UV sterilization

Bacteria and viruses multiply through cell division based on genetic information, leading to infection and disease. DNA and RNA have the genetic information necessary for this reproduction. Deep ultraviolet irradiation can change the helical structure of DNA and RNA.


UV sterilization effect

Ultraviolet sterilization, which can achieve reliable sterilization effects only by irradiating ultraviolet rays, can effectively resist various pathogenic microorganisms that cause human infectious diseases and health damage.

This method is effective for various bacteria and viruses including the new coronavirus. Many universities, research institutes and companies are now exploring this issue every day.

The size of micro-organisms

Type of micro-organisms

Typical example



Coronavirus, Influenza virus, Norovirus


Escherichia coli, Legionella, Salmonella


Black mold, White mold, Trichophyton


Cryptosporidium, Giardia



This chart shows the relationship between the sensitivity of biological DNA to ultraviolet rays and the emission wavelength of deep ultraviolet light sources such as LEDs and lamps.

UV sensitivity, the degree of damage caused by UV, can be seen that DNA sensitivity has a front end near 265 nm.

We have developed and manufactured LEDs with a peak emission wavelength of 265nm, which can maximize sterilization and achieve excellent sterilization performance.Like this products: 265nm 275nm uvc led strip


The sterilization effect changes depending on not only the brightness but the wavelength.It is important to select UVC rays with an effective wavelength.

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