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Why use UV sterilization?

Ultraviolet sterilization is not a new technology, it was discovered in 1879. It was found that ultraviolet light is a useful technique for cleaning infectious spaces, so more research was conducted to determine the exact beneficial properties of ultraviolet light in sterilization. Since the 20th century, ultraviolet sterilization has been used to disinfect objects such as water and work surfaces. Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength than visible light, and can penetrate and destroy the body of viruses and bacteria.

It has been found that the use of ultraviolet sterilization or ultraviolet sterilization radiation is very effective. Ultraviolet bactericidal source can kill more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in a very short time. Because of this effectiveness, various types of UV treatments and dedicated UV devices for sterilization have been developed. This can make it difficult to determine which UV equipment will provide the best results for your facility.


Where can UV be used?

Although UV sterilization can be used as a supplementary infection control strategy in almost any situation, such as sterilizing water and work surfaces as described above, the efficiency of sterilization also allows other dedicated spaces to be used.

One of the best and fastest UV utilization spaces is the construction and decoration of hospitals. Preventing the hospital workplace from spreading pathogens to other patients is the key to infection control solutions. Ultraviolet sterilization technology helps provide a standard that is difficult to meet manual cleaning. By providing consistent disinfection procedures, UV disinfection in hospitals is invaluable.

The effective use of ultraviolet sterilization makes it not just a trend in hospital disinfection and cleaning practices. However, when looking at a device, it is important to find a device that can meet your needs, regardless of size. Recent studies have found that the size of the device is usually not a factor in the effectiveness of the sterilization itself. Rather, there are other factors that play a more important role in the value of your UV sterilization equipment.

How to use ultraviolet light?

In addition to water and surface disinfection, ultraviolet light can also be used as a disinfection technique for other types of disinfection. Ultraviolet rays can sterilize the air in isolated spaces, which is particularly advantageous in a hospital environment. The installation of ultraviolet equipment such as ultraviolet lamps and lights on the top of the room and other circulation areas can disinfect the moving air, thereby improving the air quality and the efficiency of ultraviolet disinfection.

Ultraviolet rays can also disinfect equipment in the work space. Since UV sterilization is not a wet solution like other disinfectants, which can leave residues, it can be used as a more effective solution to ensure that equipment and instruments are effectively cleaned. And, as mentioned earlier, it can help improve the consistency of cleaning and disinfection by eliminating the human factor in manual cleaning solutions.

Due to the wide range of uses for UV sterilization, determining which equipment can provide the best solution depends on the type of project you are working on. Keep in mind that you may want to use UV disinfection equipment for multiple disinfection situations, and narrowing down the types of utilities required by the equipment can help you determine the best option.


Which type of UV is best?

Most ultraviolet disinfection equipment uses UV-C light as the source of its disinfection ability. UV-C light is an effective solution for disinfection, which is why it is the most widely used type of light. However, it can also cause some serious damage. If handled carelessly, UV-C light can penetrate human skin and cause injury or injury to it. Over time, UV-C light can also damage certain plastic and rubber materials.

A better disinfection solution is 222nm Far-UV lamp. Far UV uses different wavelengths of the UV spectrum to provide the same disinfection strength as UV-C without dangerous side effects. A recent study confirmed the commitment of far ultraviolet rays to human safety in the workplace, and affirmed that far ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the skin and will not cause harm to the human body.

Far ultraviolet rays are safer for workplace cleaning and personal safety. Many conventional UV-C lamps and lamp bulbs contain mercury, which makes handling dangerous and more complicated. Far ultraviolet does not use mercury, so it is safer to use and dispose of.

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