Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp VS UV Curing Lamp

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The UV germicidal lamp is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. The low-pressure mercury lamp uses a lower mercury vapor pressure (<10-2Pa) to be excited to emit ultraviolet light. There are two main emission spectral lines: one is 253.7nm wavelength; the other is 185nm wavelength, both of which are naked eyes Invisible ultraviolet rays.


How does the UV germicidal lamp sterilize?

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp does not need to be converted into visible light. The wavelength of 253.7nm can play a good sterilization effect. This is because the cells have a law of absorption spectrum of light waves. Ultraviolet rays at 250~270nm have the maximum absorption and are absorbed. The ultraviolet light actually acts on the genetic material of the cell, which is DNA. It plays a kind of actinic effect. The energy of ultraviolet photons is absorbed by the base pairs in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, causing the bacteria to die immediately or unable to reproduce their offspring. The purpose of sterilization.


Can ultraviolet germicidal lamps replace UVA ultraviolet curing lamps?

No, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp of the ultraviolet sterilizer is used for sterilization. It is a low-pressure mercury lamp with a wavelength of 254 nm. The UVA ultraviolet lamp is a high-pressure mercury lamp, and some add a certain amount of metal halide to improve its characteristics, so that its main wave peak becomes 365nm, which is used for light curing. This is one of them, and the other is that the power density of the light curing lamp will be very high, which cannot be achieved by the ultraviolet germicidal lamp of the ultraviolet sterilizer. Generally, it is possible to be hundreds or thousands of times.

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The difference:

1.  Wavelengths:

The ultraviolet sterilization lamp of the ultraviolet sterilizer and the ultraviolet curing lamp have different ultraviolet rays not only in wavelength, but also in ultraviolet intensity. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are divided into low-pressure lamps and medium-pressure lamps.

The ultraviolet light sources used for curing are all heads of several hundreds of watts, and a lamp tube is only tens of watts. The power difference is much, and the curing time is much longer.

2. The price:

The price of ultraviolet sterilization lamp and UVA curing lamp of ultraviolet sterilizer is very different, and the price of ultraviolet sterilizer is generally higher than that of UVA curing lamp.

3. Functions:

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are mainly used for air disinfection, water disinfection, and surface disinfection of objects. According to different disinfection objects, they are usually divided into sewage ultraviolet sterilizers, drinking water ultraviolet sterilizers, reclaimed water ultraviolet sterilizers and air ultraviolet sterilizers.

Ultraviolet UVA curing lamps are mainly used for UV curing and photochemical reaction of glue and ink.

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