Is the UV air purifier worth it?

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        If you want to purify the air, you may need to add a UV air purifier to your living space. These air purifiers have technology to remove microbial particles and can improve your air quality. The UV air purifier does not use any filters. They use ultraviolet light to clean the air and burn the particles as they pass through the machine. These modern air purifiers can help those who suffer from allergies, asthma and lung diseases. For these units, price is one of the disadvantages. Since this technology is new, it may be more expensive than conventional air filters.


What is a UV air purifier?

        Ultraviolet air purifiers will use light of multiple electromagnetic frequencies. In a standard ultraviolet air purifier, the light will emit ultraviolet C (UVC) light. These lights have relatively short wavelengths and are found in nature. However, this light cannot penetrate the earth's ozone layer. Because of these characteristics, we can be protected from the damage of UVC generated by solar radiation.


        It is well known that UVC light can destroy cells and can destroy smaller organisms. When you use ultraviolet light, it disinfects the air passing through the system. For many of these models, they also have the added benefit of capturing some forms of moisture.

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        If you want to disassemble the UV air purifier, it looks like a lamp in a box. These air purifiers are simple in design and are some of the best models on the market. However, never remove any components from the air purifier. If ultraviolet rays are directly exposed to human eyes, it may endanger your health. In fact, your skin should never be exposed to direct light from a UV air purifier.


Advantages and disadvantages of UV air purifiers

        Compared with traditional air filters, ultraviolet air purifiers have advantages in many aspects. Traditional air purifiers require a constant airflow level to filter out particles. In the process, the energy efficiency of these filters is not as good as other models. You don’t have to worry about replacing filters with UV models. There is no risk of polluting the air or accumulating dust particles on the filter.


        You should be aware that UV light bulbs may lose their function over the years. Each year of use, its cleaning ability will be reduced by 15%. These air purifiers are ideal substitutes for conventional equipment, but UV technology still has some shortcomings.


        Although UV air purifiers can eliminate many harmful microorganisms in the home, they will not kill all particles. If you want the cleanest air in your home, you may need to use these air purifiers in conjunction with other air filters. You should know that UV air purifiers add extra ozone to your air.


        Some people doubt the effectiveness of UV air purifiers. Traditional air purifiers pass the air through the filter and draw it out of the vents. Through this process, you will increase the air circulation in the room. UV air purifiers work differently. They will not increase the airflow of the entire family. This is why hospitals use ultraviolet light to reduce airflow in the room.



Looking for UVC products suitable for air purifiers

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