How to choose the correct wavelength when buying UVC

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      Not all ultraviolet rays are the same, and what is the difference between a wavelength ultraviolet lamp and a non-function in disinfection. According to the wavelength value of ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays are divided into three categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. So far, the most direct and clear research on sterilization has shown that UV-C is the only ultraviolet wavelength category that can always be used for sterilization, because this wavelength range is the only range that can directly damage DNA and RNA. Several studies have been conducted on specific viruses and microorganisms using UV-B and UV-A, but the mechanism by which disinfection occurs is unclear and conclusive.


Most of the UV "black light" you see on the market is emitted at UV-A wavelengths, so it is not effective for sterilization applications. Beware of products that use "ultraviolet rays" as a market term, because dishonest sellers may take advantage of ignorant consumers by labeling their UV-A products as "effective sterilization" and may cite smaller products The narrow study of a specific virus strain suggests that it will also be effective against all viruses (including the COVID-19 coronavirus). In contrast, UV-C has been proven to be effective against a variety of viruses, such as avian influenza, hepatitis A, herpes, influenza A and polio, as well as coronavirus.

It would be better if you buy a product that provides the precise wavelength (nanometer (abbreviated as nm)) that emits ultraviolet energy. This is because the nucleic acids thymine and uracil in DNA and RNA, respectively, are only sensitive to a specific wavelength range that peaks at 265 nanometers. Therefore, products at or near 265 nm are usually the most ideal sterilization method. The common wavelength of UV-C LED products is 280 nanometers, but under all other conditions, this wavelength is less effective than 270 nanometers because it is farther from the peak absorption wavelength of 265 nanometers.


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