What is WS2818?

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Know the detaileds about WS2818

WS2818 is a 3-channel LED driver control circuit, its internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current control part, which achieves highly consistent color effect.


It uses an optimized signal shaping circuit to form the signal waveform, so there will be no message waveform distortion. It has a built-in reset and reset power-on circuit. There are 256-layer grayscale standards, and the refresh rate of each pixel is up to 2KHz/s. Both tasks are performed through a continuous signal line: serial cascade, data collection and decoding. The continuous propagation of the signal and the loss of any pixels will not affect the complete display effect. No other circuits are needed for any two transmission stations shorter than 5 meters. The ripple is no less than 1024 pixels, and the refresh rate is 30fps. It downloads data at a rate of 800Kbps. Quality is an excellent performance of strong cost-effectiveness. WS2818 is a 3-channel LED driver control circuit, involving automatic locking of smart port data and amplifying signal shaping circuit. It includes a precision internal oscillator and a programmable 12V voltage controlled by a constant current, which can produce very consistent color effects.

After the two images are transmitted, the data is increased by 24 bits. Because WS2818 is self-shaping, the number of pixel cascades is not limited to signal transmission, but to signal transmission rate. The control data is 24 bits larger than the DIN input to ensure that the control signal receives information. The internal lock generates different service cycles, which control the signal according to the 24-bit data obtained from the OUTR, OUTG, and OUTB ports. When the DIN port inputs the reset signal, each synchronous chip will send the received data in each line. After the reset signal stops, it can collect new data again. The control signal of the current reset signal is provided to the unchanged OUTR, OUTG, and OUTB to lock. After reaching the low point, the chip outputs the PWM data to the OUTR, OUTG, and OUTB pins. The reset voltage signal is maintained for a duration of more than 300us.

Features of WS2818 LED strip

1. Using a flexible PCB board, it can be folded into any shape.

2. It is 5 meters long and the LEDs are encapsulated in weatherproof silicone. Therefore, they can stay outside without being affected by rain and dust.

3. This is the coolest type of LED strip. You can individually control the color and brightness of each group of LEDs, which enables you to produce amazing and complex effects in a simple way.

4. This strip is very flexible and can be cut into any length. You can adjust its size by cutting off the strip with scissors at the appropriate place. These strips have connectors at both ends.

5. The LED light bar should use 12V power supply.


Advantages of WS2818 LED strip

1. Signal breakpoints are continuously transmitted. When one pixel is damaged, it will not affect the operation of the other LED.

2. Using the controller, any flash effect can be achieved.

3. The price is close to WS2811, but it has more resumable transmissions than WS2811.

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