The origin of neon lights

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Neon lights are from the English "neon", that is, "neon light" obtained, "neon" two words is actually "neon" translation, and people have been "neon" as a special word used. The development of neon lights can be traced back to the study of gas discharge by Faraday, a British physicist and chemist, which, by means of a gas containing a small amount of positive and negative ions, is driven by ultraviolet, cosmic rays, and trace radioactive substances, moves under the action of a sufficiently high applied voltage, and, after colliding with neutral gas molecules, ionization the neutral molecule, Thus the number of ions multiplies. When the current passes through the gas, it is accompanied by a luminous phenomenon, known as a glow discharge. The color of its glow varies depending on the gas being filled.

Faraday's theory and its achievements in experiments have laid a solid foundation for the development of neon technology. Neon lights originated in France. At that time, the lamp body glass tube diameter of 45 mm, first bend the glass tube into the required text or pattern, and then use 1 voltages of more than 10,000 volts to power the transformer, so that it glows. At that time, the electrodes at both ends of the lamp were made of graphite, and the interior was filled with nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas, the former glowing red and the latter white light. Because these two gases are more active, it is easy to react with graphite electrodes, the cathode splash of graphite quickly in the glass tube wall to form a black film layer, and a large number of absorption into the lamp in the gas, so that the pressure of the lamp quickly reduced, resulting in a short life of neon lights. At that time, in order to solve this problem, a special electromagnetic valve was added to the neon tube and a certain amount of gas was replenished into the lamp after a period of use of neon lights, but this did not fundamentally overcome the above defects.

Therefore, this kind of lamp not only has short life span, complex production process, but also expensive, it is difficult to popularize. Between 1907 and 1910, scientists Claude and Lynde invented Liquid air fractionation. The use of this invention, in the neon lights filled with a certain inert gas, so as to significantly slow down the gas in the inside of the lamp consumption speed, color is also rich, can produce red, green, blue, yellow and other colors. On the eve of World War II, photoluminescence materials were developed. This material not only emits a variety of colors of light, but also has a high luminous efficiency, which we call phosphor. Fluorescent powder is used in the production of neon lights, the brightness of neon lights has not only significantly improved, but also the color of the lamp is more dazzling, varied, but also simplified the process of making lights. Therefore, after the end of the Second World War, neon lights have been developed rapidly. Neon lights According to the wall of its glass tube coating different, the file is divided into 3 types: The first is the glass inner wall does not apply any fluorescent powder, directly using colorless transparent glass tube, commonly known as the Ming Tube, the second is in the transparent glass tube wall coated with fluorescent powder, we call it powder tube, the third is the use of color glass tube,

And the wall of the glass tube evenly coated with fluorescent powder, we call it color tube. Neon life in normal conditions than fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, to achieve this level must be achieved three points: 1, the level of production personnel, exhaust personnel bombardment to gas properly, thorough; 2, the transformer to start it must not overload; 3, installation personnel meticulous and reasonable installation; As long as the above requirements,

Practice has proved that the life of neon lights is higher than that of fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps.

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