The influence of ultraviolet lamps on indoor environmental quality

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          If proper measures are not taken, airborne infectious diseases will raging in facilities such as schools and hospitals. No, it is useless to wash your hands frequently and cover your nose when you sneeze, so we call for a more systematic approach to improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ).


          In the chart, both strategies are exceptionally high in research priority and application priority—indoor UVC is listed as having some of the most general applicability. In other words, ASHRAE strongly encourages the research and application of UVC in various environments ranging from sanitation to correctional facilities.


Why choose UVC light?

          ASHRAE has recognized the health benefits of UV-C, and the technology is a potentially beneficial option that facility managers should consider using in their buildings. Use light in the electromagnetic spectrum to kill or prevent the growth of almost all known microorganisms. There are two main types of UV-C in public places. Several studies have shown that  222nm lamps can be used in public places.


          -Upper layer UV-C system: The upper air/room UV-C system is installed in public spaces, such as patients and waiting rooms, corridors and rest areas to interrupt the spread of airborne infection sources.


           Air droplets containing infectious agents can stay in the indoor air for six minutes or more. Ultraviolet light can destroy these microorganisms in a few seconds, and it runs 24 hours a day for continuous control. They are usually installed seven feet above the floor, and the benefits of high-altitude UV C in inactivating pathogens have been fully demonstrated.


          -Air processor UV-C: In HVAC systems, mold and some bacteria will grow in the humid area around the cooling coil, drain pan, air chamber wall and filter. The growth of microbial deposits can cause fouling of the coil, which increases the pressure drop of the coil and reduces airflow and heat exchange efficiency.


           Installed downstream of the cooling coil in the direction of airflow, the UV-C lamp can restore the HVAC system to its original design performance standard or built-up state in just 90 days, and can reduce energy consumption by 10-25% on average . At the same time, the UV lighting used in the HVAC system helps prevent the same microorganisms from being recirculated into the indoor air, thereby preventing the spread of disease and/or cross-contamination.

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