The difference between wall washing light and linear light

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Generally speaking, LED linear light is a kind of LED wall washing light, but some LED linear lights are not included of LED wall washing light, such as some soft LED decorative lights, we call them led linear lights.


(led linear light)

It is obvious that the LED wall washing light has a bracket, which can be adjusted flexibly according to the requirements, and has a large scale, while the LED linear light rarely has such a large scale.And many LED wall washing lights have lenses while LED linear light doesn't have.


(led wall washing light)

In addition, most of the LED linear lights are square shape, while the appearance design of the LED wall washing light is not fixed due to its own bracket.

LED linear light is a kind of flexible decorative light with low power consumption, long service life and easy bending. It is generally applicable to indoor or outdoor partial or contour lighting, and also suitable for billboard, exhibition and etc.

Led wall washing light is to let the light wash the wall like water. The effect here is that the LED wall washing light projects the light on the wall, which is similar to the application method of projection light, but the effect is softer. The LED linear lights are mostly used to outline architectural outlines, or make digital screen effects. Of course, they may also be installed on the corner to allow the light to shine on the wall, but the LED wall washing light is more flexible than LED linear light.


In terms of the use parameters of lights, the two are also different. For example, most of the LED wall washing lights are of high power, ,the luminance of wall washing light is high, and the requirements for the shell of outdoor wall washing light are also relatively high. The power is usually 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, and the lighting effect is the best within 7 meters. And for linear light, generally, low power SML light sources are used. The number of light sources is 48 PCs and 60 PCs. the volume and size of the shell are relatively small. The power of the whole light can be 10W or 12W. The brightness is more uniform, but the best lighting effect is usually within 1 meter. It is more difficult for LED wall washing lights to dissipate heat and prevent water, so it is necessary to design drainage and convection.

When the LED wall washing light is installed, it depends on the lighting height requirements, and there needs to be a certain interval between the LED wall washing light and the wall. Only the high-power LED wall washing light can do this job.The LED linear light is small power, it is difficult to do it. And the LED wall washing light is more difficult in terms of heat dissipation and waterproof, so more detailed planning is needed.

According to the above analysis, we can make the following conclusions:

1. When it is used to decorate and illuminate the building surface, both LED linear light and led wall washing light can achieve the effect within 1m. When it is more than 1m, wall washing light should be used as the main lighting tool.

2. LED linear light installed on the building surface can play the role of outline , while the wall washing light is not suitable for outline because of the brightness and the parameters of the light itself.

3. Full color external control linear light can achieve more delicate color effect, but the high-power LED wall washing light is limited by the power and brightness, so the color mixing effect is far less than that of linear light.

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