The advantages of light strip in interior lighting design

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In our daily life, it is not difficult to find out that almost everywhere visible to the naked eye we can find the figure of LED light band. No matter inside the shopping mall, outside the buildings, on the wall of the park, on the bridge, even in the swimming pool, on the ferris wheel, LED light strip is the most widely used lighting method. It is said that every building has two lives, one during the day and one at night. The architectural life at night will depends on the perfect lighting effect.

As we all know, the LED light strip can be flexibly bent into different shape and cut into various pieces. And also there is a sticky tape on the back of the strip, which can adapt to different lighting space needs, the installation is very simple and fast. It is much more flexible and lightweight than a whole lamp that can not change the shape. If we can make full use of the light strip design, it can not only enrich the space context, but also create a visual sense of light and shade levels, virtual and real contrast, so that the lighting is no longer monotonous and rigid.


Below is the advantages of LED light strip in indoor lighting:

1. The LED light strip of ceiling is used as the chandelier, and the design of the lamp with suspension effect is combined with downlight and spotlight to enrich the top surface, which can also form a kind of virtual real contrast and the effect of dynamic and static combination.

2. Adding light strip design to the Cabinet Bookcase / wardrobe / kitchen cabinet can weaken the sense of closeness and disobedience of the space, and also greatly improve the basic lighting in the dark corner, making life more convenient and comfortable, and increasing the happiness of life.


3. The wall with light strip design can be more fashion and three-dimensional sense. For example, on the living room background wall, aisle, bedside background wall, bathroom mirror, it can weaken its sense of existence by hiding, gradually arrange along the corresponding space outline, and concave a unique geometric or curve shape with the wall, make a strong artistic atmosphere.

4. The ground lamp strip can even be used on the ground. This kind of soft and hazy light not only brings people a sense of security, but also makes the area more hierarchical, giving the beauty of stair step rhythm. For example, the light strip installed under the stairs can effectively solve the lighting problem of staircases in the dark. And according to the choice of different colors of light can reflect a variety of design styles, such as it can have a strong sense of technology with choosing the right color and design.


5.In the interior lighting design, with the use of LED lights, the overall lighting and light effect will be more bright and soft, so it will be more suitable for living atmosphere. If the light strip is designed at the junction of different functional areas, it can also play the role of dividing space and completing the transition. Through the dramatic contrast of light and shade, it presents a comfortable and harmonious lighting environment.

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