Problems with LED Luminaires

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Because of the multiple particularities of LEDs, we are looking forward to its bright future, and we should not shy away from some of its current shortcomings.

1. The luminosity distribution of most of the street lamps produced in China is unreasonable. Using SSL lamps published by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as a benchmark for meeting the eligibility criteria for Energy Star, we evaluated the 200 LED street light data tested from 2007 to 2009 and found that only 3 LED street lights met the requirements of DOE for street light distribution and energy efficiency,

The pass rate is only 1.5%. The quality of LED street lights measured is far from the benchmark requirements of DOE and needs to be greatly improved.

2. Insulation pressure resistance is common in LED street lamps with anti-surge jamming function.

The EMS design of LED street lamps only considers the function of anti-surge interference, ignores the requirement of electrical strength in luminaire safety standard, and should emphasize the adequacy of LED street lamp design input, and consider other functions on the basis of meeting safety requirements.

3. There are some products of very poor quality on the market, which are shown as not bright, short life and poor color.

4. The performance claimed by the product is inaccurate.

5. The information on the product label is insufficient.

6. There are many problems with color quality, such as color rendering. 7. Lighting designers still do not trust SSL products.

They say more standards are needed.

8. Costs are still too high, but the government is highly motivated to use SSL products.

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