Precautions for Installing Wall Washer

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Nowadays, led wall washer has become an indispensable part in lighting projects, such as the wall lighting of company buildings, government buildings and the previous wall lighting of historical buildings. From indoor to outdoor, from local lighting to all lighting, the scope is becoming more and more extensive. This is the progress and development of all levels. In the next few years, led wall washer will become an indispensable part of lighting projects.


LED wall washer, high-power outdoor waterproof linear light, linear colorful exterior wall projection light, can meet various lighting decoration requirements, has the characteristics of waterproof, rainproof, lightning protection, imported chips, outstanding stability, green products, durable of. LED wall washer is divided into yellow light, warm color, white light, cool color, warm white, blue light, green light and color light source. It is a common product for large-scale field engineering. Therefore, the installation requirements of the product are also very strict, otherwise the general function of the lamp will not be produced.



1. When installing and repairing the lamp, make sure that the power supply is cut off before it can be operated.

2. The lamp is only suitable to be installed on the surface of non-combustible materials, and do not put materials and objects on the lamp at any time.

3. The lamps should be wired correctly, high-voltage wiring: the red wire is connected to the live wire, the black color wire is connected to the ground wire, the yellow wire is connected to the neutral wire, and the low voltage 24V is connected to the power supply: the red wire is connected to the power supply V+. Connect black to power supply V-. And make sure it is strong. After the wire is connected, the coil must be tightened to prevent water from entering in the inverted state. Otherwise it will cause water ingress and cause damage to the lamp.

4. The environment where the lamp is used, there should be no corrosive, flammable and explosive media around.

5. The parts connecting the lamp bracket should be sturdy to prevent accidents caused by the use environment and other factors.

6. Applicable ambient temperature of the lamp: -40℃~70℃.

7. The lamp is assembled with 1W LED light source, the light source power consumption types are 18*1W, 24X1W, 36*1W.

8. The protection screen of the lamp is made of 3MM tempered glass material. If it is damaged, please send it back to the original factory for replacement and repair.

9. In order to ensure the normal service life of the lamp, the lamp cannot work continuously for a long time during use. Generally, the power supply must be cut off in time for about 8 hours of normal use. After the lamp body is cooled (about 20 minutes), the lamp can be re-ignited.

10. This lamp is a fully sealed type. After installation or maintenance, it must be ensured that its seal is in effect before it can be used. The protection level of this lamp is IP65, and it cannot be used in places where water is easy to accumulate or underwater.


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