Overview of Neon work

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① Most neon lights in use cold cathode glow discharge. When working because of cold cathode, the whole lamp is basically not hot, and the efficiency of converting from electric energy to light energy is high. Its life span is much longer than ordinary fluorescent lamps, such as from materials, processing to installation can ensure quality, neon tube service life can be up to 2ooooh--3ooooh, in China's local standards require no less than zaooha cold cathode discharge lamp There is a great advantage is that the number of switches basically does not affect its life,

Therefore, it is particularly suitable for advertising lights that require frequent switches.

② it relies on the positive ion bombardment cathode to emit two electrons of the cathode to maintain the discharge, so a certain cathode position drop is required to provide energy for positive ion acceleration, and the cathode position drops about 100V---200V.

③ in order to ensure that it can discharge in the normal glow discharge zone and do not occur large cathode sputtering at work, the cathode needs to have a large enough area, otherwise it will flow through the large current, resulting in the cathode current density over the Ambassador cathode position drop rise, become abnormal glow discharge, aggravate the cathode sputtering and shorten the lamp life.

④ where possible, neon lamps should be as long as possible, the inner diameter should be smaller, as far as possible to improve the positive column pressure drop in the total pressure drop of the lamp proportion to improve the light efficiency.

⑤ for the smooth ignition of neon tubes and stable operation at lower voltages, it must be equipped with high-voltage transformers (mostly magnetic leakage, but because it is bulky, power consumption is gradually replaced by electronic type) and reasonable matching to save the project cost. 

⑥ neon lights use alternating current work, so two electrodes alternately as cathode and anode, the regional distribution of glow discharge also alternately change the order direction, because of the human visual persistence effect, you can see the glow evenly covered with the entire lamp, the luminous effect is much more ideal than using direct current.

Therefore, two electrodes from the material to the processing should be as consistent as possible. ⑦ because neon lights are vacuum electric light source, so the whole production process should pay attention to vacuum hygiene.

Strict according to the electrical vacuum technology requirements of materials and production, so as to ensure quality.

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