Maintenance method of LED lamp damage

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LED lamp is energy-saving, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, and has become a favorite of ordinary family users. But the low failure rate is not equal to no failure, when the LED light broken, what should we do if we want to repair it? In fact, the cost of repairing LED lamps is very low, and the technical difficulty is not high, so ordinary people can learn to fix it.

·The lamp bead is damaged

After the LED lamp is turned on, some of the lamp beads are not on. Basically, it can be judged that the lamp beads are damaged. The damaged lamp bead can be seen with naked eyes generally - there is a black spot on the surface of the lamp bead, which proves that it has been burned. Sometimes the lamp beads are connected in series and then in parallel, so the loss of a lamp bead will cause a lamp bead not to light.


According to the number of lamp beads damaged, we provide two maintenance programs.

1. Minor damage

If only one or two lamp beads are broken, we can repair them by these two methods:

  a. Find the broken lamp bead, connect the metal at both ends with a wire and short it. The effect of this is that most of the lamp beads can light up normally, and only some broken lamp beads are not bright, which has little effect on the overall brightness.

  b. If you have strong hands-on ability, you can go online to buy the same model of lamp beads and replace them by yourself - heat the old lamp beads with an electric iron (or blow more for a while with a hair dryer) until the glue on the back of the old lamp beads melts, and then remove the old lamp beads with tweezers (don't use your hands, it's too hot). At the same time, install the new lamp beads while it's hot (pay attention to the positive and negative poles).


2. Massive damage

If a large number of beads are damaged, it is recommended to replace the entire board. There are three points to pay attention to when buying: 1. Measure the size of your own lamps; 2. Watch the appearance of lamp bead plate and starter connector; 3. Record the output power range of the starter.

These three points of the new lamp bead plate must be the same as the old lamp board - it is very simple to replace the lamp board. The old lamp board is fixed on the lamp holder with screws and can be removed directly. The new lamp boards are fixed with magnets. When replacing, take off the new lamp board and connect it with the connector of the driver.


·The driver is damaged

Most of the failures of LED lamps are caused by the driver. If the lamp does not work at all, or the lamp flickers when it is turned on, the driver will be broken in nine cases out of ten.

The driver can't be repaired, so it can only be replaced. Fortunately, the new driver is not expensive. Pay attention to three points when purchasing a new driver:

1. Pay attention to the appearance of the connector

2. Remember whether your lamp can change color and how many colors it can change.

3. Record the output power range of the driver

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