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What material is of good quality for the circuit board of the LED point light source?

    The LED point light source is blown and rained outdoors, what kind of material would be better, and what kind of material should be used for the circuit board inside? Will the quality be more stable? Yingsong’s LED point light source selection base is finalized aluminum, PC plastic, the base is black, white, and gray, and the mask is crystal, transparent, milky white, translucent, etc. The lampshade is made of high-quality PMMA material, which is solid and durable. The aluminum base of the base needs to be filled with transparent silica gel for waterproofing. The lampshade and the lamp body need to be sealed with resin. The circuit board is a fiberglass board with lamp beads, which can avoid artificial soldering.



The main steps for installing LED point light sources are as follows:

1. LED point light source buckle pull wire: the buckle is inserted into the wire, and then the lamp is inserted into the buckle;

2. Buckle screw: The buckle is locked on the installation wall, and then the lamp is clicked into the buckle;

3. Gluing the buckle: stick the external engineering glue of the buckle to the installation wall, and then the lamp can be inserted into the buckle;

4. For non-planar LED point light sources, such as cable-stayed large-diameter steel cables on bridges, they can be installed in the form of a hoop: first lock the hoop to the large-diameter steel cable, and then lock the aluminum profile with the lamp to the Just put it on the hoop;

5. LED point light source profile lock bracket: lock the two mounting brackets on the installation wall according to the spacing, use screws to lock the lamp on the aluminum profile, and then lock the locked profile on the mounting bracket;

6. Profile lock wall: Use screws to lock the lamp on the aluminum profile, and then lock the locked profile on the installation wall;


 What are the issues that need to be paid attention to when installing LED point light sources?

1. The signal wire between the lamp body and the controller is properly connected. The power cord of the controller is connected to the place that provides normal working power.

2. Note that the power supply is consistent with the working power of the LED point light source.

3. Do a good job of waterproofing when connecting power cables and signal cables.


The part of the LED point light source is not bright, how to repair it?

    First check whether each lamp bead is good with a multimeter. When the LED lamp bead is measured by the digital meter diode file, the lamp bead will be slightly bright, which is good. If you find that a certain lamp bead is broken, you can use copper wire to short-circuit the lamp bead and continue using it.

If the lamp beads are good, and the power supply of the LED point light source is broken, it is necessary to find the fault of the power supply part.

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