LED Luminous Characters VS Neon Signs

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       I believe everyone has this experience. Walking on the street at night, you will find that many shop signs use LED lights, and the night sky is shining beautifully with a variety of colors.  At present, LED luminous characters are a commonly used design method in shop signs, and many shops also like to use this method to make shop signs.

       The difficulty of led luminous characters is that they need to be foldable. At present, most of the LED luminous characters on the market can only be made into single colours, but under Suntech’s efforts and research,We launched a foldable RGB led strip looks like below:

Z shape LED light_

This is a video that can still work even after the zigzag RGB strip is bent:


LED technology will complement each other with neon lights. With its remarkable advantages such as energy saving and long life, LED light source plays an increasingly important role in outdoor advertising lighting. The three-dimensional luminous characters with built-in LED light source have excellent visual appeal, soft colors and rich dynamic effects. At the same time, the led uses low voltage operation, which is safe and reliable. In terms of service life and maintenance cost, it has unparalleled advantages over other light sources such as neon lights.

The signboard design for other materials, especially its close relative-neon signboard, compared with the signboard design of LED luminous characters shop has the following advantages:

1. High brightness. The brightness of the product exceeds all other current lighting equipment.

2. Energy saving and electricity saving, low operating cost. The power consumption of the product is small, only one-tenth of that of traditional neon lights.

3. Replace traditional neon lights and other indoor and outdoor signs and lighting systems with flexible and changeable methods.

4. Windproof, waterproof and dustproof can run all-weather, not affected by bad weather conditions.

5. Strong visual impact. Rich colors, fonts, patterns, animations can be made at will.

 6. Good advertising efficiency. The combination of dynamic and static display methods, rich and changeable display content, low operating costs, high-security design and long service life can greatly improve the return on investment of advertising investors, allowing advertisers and advertisers to pass limited Funds can deduce unlimited and wonderful advertising content, so as to maximize the advantages of outdoor advertising media, and truly achieve a win-win situation for advertising investors and advertising users.

       To learn more about led flexible strips, please click here.


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