LED light & aluminum profile:What are LED Aluminium profiles used for?

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Led aluminum profile extrusion is designed for led strip light housing. Just like the below photo. Lightstec has more than 100 kinds of led aluminum profiles. The led aluminum profile is design for led linear lighting. Normally it is including aluminum profile, PMMA diffuser, end cap, and clips.

What are the top led aluminum profile manufacturer in the world?

When you are doing LED lighting business, you need to find the best LED aluminum profile manufacturer as your partner.

Why does led light bar need aluminum profile?

For optimal results and performance, 3mm LED Strip should be installed inside an aluminum profile . Use with our controllers and receivers in order to create millions of color combinations.

1. It can protect the led, not easily broken.

2. Aluminum dissipates heat much better then the led strip light can use longer.

3. the led aluminum profile is very fashion design. It is widely used in office, hotel, shopping mall, showroom, movie theater, etc.

How to installation led aluminum profile ?



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