LED Lamp Belt Maintenance instructions

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1, anti-static: Because the LED is electrostatic dull parts, if you are repair LED lamp belt did not do a good anti-static measures, will burn the LED, the formation of a waste fee.

There is a need to pay attention to the soldering iron is bound to use anti-static irons, simultaneous repair personnel must also do a good anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic ring and anti-static boxer, etc.). 2, the continuation of low temperature: LED lamp Belt two major groups for adult LEDs and FPC, are not able to continue to withstand low temperature goods. If the FPC is continuing the low temperature or may exceed its acceptance measure, it will make the FPC cover film cracking, indirectly forming LED lamp belt scrapped. At the same time, the LED also did not continue to withstand the low temperature, is in the low temperature of the next long, its chip will be burned at low temperature. Therefore, the repair LED lamp belt adopted by the soldering iron is bound to adopt temperature control soldering iron, the measurement limit is once the scope, to stop arbitrary changes and settings.

In addition, even so, there is a need to pay attention to being repair when the soldering iron does not have to be in the LED foot stop time beyond 10 seconds, if beyond a certain time, will be able to burn the LED chip. 3, Short circuit: a lot of LED light belt is not bright because there is a short circuit at the foot, is repair before it is necessary to investigate the real reason for not bright. Or, after rushing to change the LEDs without light, call back again when the chip that formed the LED will be short-circuited DC breakdown.

Because, is changing the new led in advance, it is necessary to first find the real reason for not bright, targeted ability to do half the effort.

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