Is UV disinfection safe?

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         If ultraviolet rays irradiate the DNA of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, molds or mites, their genetic material will be destroyed. 99.99% of bacteria are inactivated. This also applies to multi-resistant bacteria-they do not develop resistance by themselves.


        After listening to the introduction of UV disinfection in the early part of the editor, you must know that UV rays may cause damage to eyes and skin, but did you know? The penetration of ultraviolet rays is extremely weak, and a piece of ordinary A4 paper can block it from passing through. So as long as it is used correctly, ultraviolet rays will become the best disinfection tool. And recently, scientists discovered a 222nm far UVC that will not cause any harm to the human body and can successfully inactivate bacteria, so are you still worried about the unsafe ultraviolet rays?


         Many companies, public places, and even governments have begun to use UV products to disinfect surfaces, air and water. Facts have proved that ultraviolet disinfection has no chemical ingredients, is fast and effective, and does not need to use chemicals, without ozone, there is no resistance, and there is no waste.


        What are the advantages of using UV disinfection?

        1. Save time, money and energy

        2. Gentle disinfection without chemicals

        3. Almost everywhere, always applicable

        4. More reliable and effective disinfection

        5. Prevent seasonal flu

        6. Decrease in absenteeism caused by employee illness


        Where can UV products be installed?

        Disinfection in public facilities, non-chemical disinfection in hospitals and medical institutions, clean rooms and production, hotels and event venues. UV disinfection can improve the safety of daily life and will not bring opportunities for viruses.

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