Is neon light dangerous?

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Neon light is a kind of light containing gas and consisting of a bright, charged glass tube or bulb. Neon tubes can be made into curved artistic shapes to form letters or pictures, usually used in advertisements or signboards and other places to play a decorative role.


When did neon lights start to appear?

Parisian electrical engineer and inventor Georges Claude modified the design of former Edison employee Daniel McFarlan Moore. After solving some practical engineering problems, he obtained the neon light patent in 1910 and showed it to the public at the Paris Motor Show in December of that year; two years later In 1912, the world's first neon sign was installed in a barbershop on Avenue Montmartre.

How neon lights work?

The gas that can emit red light in the tube is neon. But red neon lights are not enough. For neon lights to produce different colors, green, yellow, blue, and white phosphors are needed as an auxiliary. For example, apply blue phosphor to the inner wall of the glass tube, bend the glass tube into the required characters or patterns, install electrodes, and evacuate the air in the glass tube, and then fill it with neon gas. Into pink neon lights.

If a tube coated with blue fluorescent powder is filled with argon gas and mercury, it becomes a blue neon light; if a tube coated with green fluorescent powder is filled with neon gas, it becomes orange-red; If you change the neon gas to argon and mercury, it will become a green neon light.

It can be seen from the above that neon light is a rare atmospheric gas, so it is non-toxic and chemically inert. Neon light does not pose a threat to the environment, nor does it have any impact, because it is chemically non-reactive and does not form any compounds.


Nowadays, many people have given up using traditional neon lights and switched to LED neon lights. Why?

Here are some reasons:

1. LEDs use solid-state semiconductors, which can save energy and are more environmentally friendly than neon gas. Besides, LED lights have no mercury or heavy metal poisons, so they are safer to the environment and they use less energy.

2. LED neon lights are safer. Traditional neon lights have higher requirements for input voltage, while LED neon lights only need a voltage of 24V to 120V. And it also has the characteristics of shockproof and low heat dissipation.

3. The LED neon glass tube has a longer service life. The average lifespan of neon glass tubes is only 10,000 hours, but LED neon lights can provide illumination for up to 30,000 hours or more.

4. LED neon lights are easier to install. They can be cut, bent and shaped into almost any shape. When installing, you only need to nail the card slot first, and then snap it up, which is as convenient and reliable as the installation of ordinary wires.

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