Introduction of Waterproof Technology for LED Strips

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LED waterproof flexible light strips are LED light strips that are made of LED flexible light strips with a waterproof process. Usually, the waterproof strip grades are divided into IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68.

LED light belt waterproof technology:

LED light strips are IP65 waterproof: usually called surface epoxy waterproof light strips, currently they are made of epoxy resin and PU glue. Put the LED strip flat on the glue table, and fix the LED strip with double-sided adhesive on the back, and then put a layer of glue on the surface of the LED strip to play the role of waterproofing the surface. This is generally suitable for humid environments. .

LED lights with IP67 waterproof: usually also called semi-sleeve drip waterproof or semi-sleeve glue waterproof, that is, the bottom is covered with a half sleeve, and then treated with glue or glue, generally suitable for rainwater environments.

LED light strips are IP68 waterproof: usually referred to as a full set of tubes filled with glue or a full set of tubes are pumped with glue. It is currently the highest waterproof level of LED strips and can be used completely in water.

For example, one of our waterproof UVC LED strip:

waterproof uvc led._

Specification classification:

Specifications of LED waterproof flexible light strip:

According to the specifications of LED: Divided into 3528LED waterproof light strips, 5050LED waterproof light strips, 335 side-emitting LED waterproof light strips, 3020LED waterproof soft light strips, 0805LED waterproof soft light strips, etc. Currently the most used ones are: 335 light strips, 3528 Light strip, 5050 light strip.

According to the specifications of the number of LED lights: 30 lights per meter (3528, 5050), 48 lights per meter (5050LED strip), 60 lights per meter (335LED strip, 3528LED strip, 5050LED strip, 3020LED strip), 96 meters (3528), 120 lights per meter (3528LED strips, 3020LED strips, 335LED strips, 505led strips), 240 lights per meter (3528LED strips).

At present, the board used by the LED flexible light strip is FPC board, which can be divided into single panel and double panel, FPC color butter, white oil, and black oil. The width is 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm and other specifications. At present, W low-voltage boards are DC12V and DC24V, and high-voltage boards are AC110V and AC220V.

So, how many ways are LED light strips waterproof? As follows: 

1. Epoxy waterproof LED linear light strips are currently made of epoxy resin and PU glue. Place the LED linear light bar flat on the glue table, and fix the LED light bar with double-sided adhesive on the reverse side, and then put a layer of glue on the outside of the LED light bar to achieve a waterproof effect.

2. Hollow full tube waterproof light bar, generally used sleeves are silicone full tube and PVC full tube.

3. Semi-sleeve dripping waterproof or semi-sleeve potting waterproof, that is, the bottom is covered with a semi-sleeve, and then dripping or potting is done. 

4. The full casing is filled with glue or a full set of pipes is glued and waterproof, which is the highest waterproof level among the current LED linear lights, and can be completely used in water.

5. Parylene nano waterproofing does not need to change the appearance of the product. The surface of the product has a micron-level ultra-thin coating, which does not increase the weight, does not affect the assembly, and has good heat dissipation. The highest waterproof rating can be IPx8, and there are other waterproof methods. It has anti-salt spray withstand voltage and anti-UV function.

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