Installation and precautions of COB light strip

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Cob light strip is a new type of linear light strip with high brightness and high display value. The light strip has beautiful appearance, even and soft light, no spot, waterproof grade up to IP67, good heat dissipation, low heat and long service life by using flip chip packaging process; It is the first choice of modern home lighting market.

When cob light strip is used, sometimes the distance and length are inconsistent. Sometimes it is necessary to cut a part of the light strip, sometimes it is necessary to lengthen and connect a section of light strip. Generally speaking, cob light strip is 5-10m per roll, there are marks that show where can be cut. Customers can cut the appropriate length according to the mark. However, it is not allowed to cut other parts without marking, otherwise the light strip will be damaged.

If you need a longer connection, you should connect the light strips with a clip, which is convenient and safe, according to the following figure: 


Cob light strip is driven by low-voltage direct current, so the human body will not get electric shock when connecting and cutting, which is safer than high-voltage light strip. So generally speaking, the installation of cob light strip is easy and can be finished by one person, the back of the light strip is a sticky tape, you can directly paste it wherever you want, and adjust the length with a pair of scissors and some clips.


Sometimes, when using or installing cob light strip, because of not following the correct method and precautions, the light strip will not be lighten. The following are some precautions for the installation and use of cob light strips:

(A) In the installation process, sharp objects should be avoided to touch the surface of the lamp belt, so as to avoid damaging the colloid and causing no light;

(B) Avoid the colloid in the luminous area contacting with high temperature objects to avoid scalding the colloid and affecting the linear effect;

(C) Select DC 24 V regulated power supply to drive, and select the power supply with appropriate power according to the number of light strips to be installed; The total power of the lamp belt driven by each power supply shall be less than 80% of the rated power of the power supply;

(D) It is strictly forbidden to bend or twist the lamp strip in a short distance to avoid damaging the adhesive tape or damaging the internal electrical structure of the chip.

(E) It is suggested that the bending diameter of the lamp strip should be more than 1cm, as shown in the figure:


With the rightful installation and use of the cob light strips, we can make variety of different lighting design, to improve people’s life and protect them from the darkness. When you choose your own light, make sure to choose a high quality one, and then you can enjoy safely and avoid any harm of your eyes.

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