How to understand the light distribution curve of UV LED lamp ?

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UV lighting curve

Light distribution curve definition

It refers to the light intensity distribution of the light source in all directions in space.

Display Method

Polar coordinate light distribution curve (as shown above)

On the metering plane passing through the center of the light source, the light intensity values of the light source at different angles are measured. Starting from a certain direction, using angle as a function, the light intensity of each angle is marked with a vector, and the connection connecting the top of the vector is the light source polar coordinate light distribution curve.


Rectangular coordinate light distribution curve (as shown above)

For condensing light sources, because the beam is concentrated in a very narrow solid angle in space, it is difficult to express the spatial distribution of its light intensity in polar coordinates. The right-angle light distribution curve is used to express the light intensity with the vertical axis. The horizontal axis represents the projection angle of the beam.


Light intensity curve (as shown above)

The curve connecting the tops of the vectors with equal light intensity is called the equal intensity curve, and the values of the adjacent light intensity curves are arranged in a certain proportion, and the graph composed of a series of equal intensity curves is called equal intensity curve. Graphs, commonly used graphs include circular graphs, rectangular graphs and positive arc graphs. The rectangular network diagram can not only explain the light intensity distribution of the light source, but also the regional distribution of the light quantity.

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